Jehovah… fuck the Yankees!

Another shitty post season of bisabol is upon us with the shitball Yankees getting kicked out of the first round for the third time in three years. It is the Curse of The A-Rod, verily! Do you doubt my veracity? Nay, I say! It is in stone and the goat of your mother!

We all know here in Seattle that New York sucks and Derek Jeter swallows. This is not contested, as The Rod of the A has been seen making good on the the non-wood bat of the Jeet.

Let the Cleves reign supreme this season. The Least Coast can suck it for years to come. The World Champions will come from the West this year… and how sad for the networks, which is why the playoffs are on TBS this year. Oh, how pathetic.

Oh, cat news? How about this one… the Yankees suck the balls of the cats. The whole team, including the Torre of Joe will fade into history as the biggest chokers since the 2007 Mets.

I looked into the sky tonight and I saw it… there in blazing green and red lights… the sucker of them all; Seth McSavish. If he does not get it done next year, I may come out of retirement and fuck shit up. Cause Seth prolly ain’t gonna do it. Rip tide motherfucker like him has nothing but liver disease and post-mortem fucking blues. Hey Seth! Remember me from 1989 at the freaking Toe’s Tavern on the west end? You were choking it down in the bathroom while I was finishing my 24th beer per the agreement between the families! One night, Seth, and I did 24 beers. Not that Budweiser shit either, I am talking Large Tankard Black Ale at $ 6.00 a flagon, yo!

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