So this is it, huh? You think a new year is going to cure your disease? How long has it been? Last month? A freaking decade?

When are you going to cure what ails you my friends? Oh so many questions from your dear friend, Jim, here at Quirrah and all that. As an aside, we have now been here for seven Godforsaken years on the Internet. December 17, 2007 is our anniversary. Now what do we do? The same we always have. Give you icky spitty bubbah kittehs and crazy bullshit news to go along with it.

Like this one! What kind of crap is this I relay to you? So, there is a big turd floating about the city of Seattle. That is our hometown in case you did not know that. Yesca, and I DO miss Alex, my mate of many years. No, not like that. This is not the 80’s, foo! I was thinking recently about the havoc and love that him and I caused throughout our life. THIS website is one of those things. Nothing but love for others, though we might have hated each other at times. But always love for others, be it singing songs in L.A. coffeehouses about smoking weed and doing the doo or making up crazy comics or websites about fictional muthas, something was manifest. We made American Pie look like a fucking wet dream.

There was a particular party that I have in mind that involved him and myself and our best friend’s mother that did not end well. Ahem… it did not end well for her pussy. BUT… we still walked away (best we could) with a bottle of hella good hooch AND a bag of kind NorCal budz. She had to explain all the shit that was trashed around the house and how strange underwear things were laying around the pool area outside the bedroom. She thought it was nice discreet shiz, but Al and I are anything BUT discreet, and we made sure everyone knew it.

The only thing we did NOT do was tattoo our names on her ass cheeks. Sorry Missy 🙁

Better hot blessed New Year to you all. Maybe this year you will have a gorilla of a good time. Che says, Fuck you all on New Year and ride THIS!

I never understand what the hell he is saying, but he does roll a good cigar.On that note, I go over here now and say hi to all on the other side of the Continental Divide!

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