The dungeon master has fallen.

Our Lord and Saviour Gary Gygax passed away today, leaving my generation of old school gamers throwing ten-sided dice to determine exactly how we will deal with the void he left.

Many were the lunches wasted in the hallways of Parkman Junior High, where Alex and I were imprisoned during our mid-teen years, hanging with true nerds scratching out campaigns on graph paper and scribbling our stats as they evolved during a particularly difficult dungeon crawl.

Without such thought-provoking conquests of dragons and evil mages, I would probably be packing Chinese-made televisions in boxes in some warehouse in West Covina.

This evening, I cast a saving throw of three beers to ward off the evil Sobriety Demon and ask that you follow suit, lest YOU be reduced to the carbon ash you are.

Many thanks, Gary, for the years of counter-culture escapism and beatings at the hands of those leveraging an IQ 1/5 of my own. You will be missed. Our MCHY blessings to your family and friends.

Happy Birthday to my mother, Teri! I hope all is well in Topanga, mom! I had my phone completely erased on accident, so I have NOT the phone number to call you. I hope you had a wonderful day and basked in the sun and went to the Inn of the Seventh Ray for good food! Namaste!

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