I did it! I am guilty!

The whole thing started out simple. Me and Eliot hanging out in the bar of the Capitol Hilton. I figured he was drunk again and spouting his usual bullshit about all the bros he brought down in Albany and how the pussy was tight down in D.C. I laughed alot and drank the good stuff, on his tab of course. He always paid for the company and the discretion. Then he started talking about Ashley Dupre and how I should get a piece on his dime. Fucking Eliot… rambling again.

The night went on, drinking and talking. Nothing making sense after awhile. He had to testify about some shit before Congress in the morning. After a few more drinks, I had to slap him around. Just a love pat to the face. Eliot seemed to like it, the rough stuff. I figgered him to come up whimpering after the smackdown. Oh no… he was smiling. He liked it. The rough stuff. I slapped him again. The bartender looked over. Not interested. Eliot came up smiling. I took his Miller Lite and finished it, then shoved the bottle into his crotch. He winced, but managed a grin. I knew he was good for the night. I ordered a bottle of 25 year MacCallan and went upstairs.

Jeez fuck, what was it, an hour later? There he is, in his Spider Man Underoos and drunk as Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. What was I to do? I let him in and put him to bed. That was when Ashley showed up in full hot young stuff glory.

I checked Eliot’s pocket. Big time cash… enough to pay her and maybe a few friends. Then it happened. She saw the green and off came the clothes. Two hours later and it was done. Poor Eliot… he ended up with nothing but a face full of spunk and an empty wallet. I have pictures to come!

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