It is that time of the year again!

IT is time to do our official MCHY Happy Birthday to the invasion and occupation of the republic of Iraq!

Congratulations to the guy who lives in the White House on his successful murder of another few hundred Americans and who knows how many Iraqis! AND!! Making America less safe than ever and creating more terrorists than have ever been in history!

Yeah, I know… Jim please put up more cats and stop saying political things on your website! I hear it all the time. Republicrats have emailed me saying this was NOT the site for them anymore because of this and that. Oh man, now I can’t sleep at night, knowing they are hanging out at that haven of hilarity ICANSUXCHEEZBURGERS.COM and loving the national disaster known as George W. Bush Jr. It is those people that think misspelling the English language in poorly-devised captions on unentertaining feline imageswho probably put the mentally deficient man into power. It is as God wished I supposed, eh ?

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