Does McCain hate Antarctica?

I was listening to the geriatric presidential guy with the plastic smile say something about Barack Obama not caring about the troops in Iraq because doesn’t hang out there enough. Damn that Obama, I thought! Why doesn’t he go hang out in the middle of nowhere in blazing heat and enemies all around and spiders the size of Subway sandwiches to prove that he is American!

Then it struck me like a lightning bolt, without the muscle seizure… John McCain hates Antarctica! He is using this Iraq issue to defer attention to the fact that he has NEVER visited Antarctica to check on the good American men and women stationed down there in penguin-land! I think those Vietnamese got to him in Hanoi… turned him a little red, if you know what I mean. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

In other news at MCHY, the new My Cat Hates You book is due out October 1st in stores around the country (and the world, eventually… so don’t cry for me Argentina), there are some new cats up. Unfortunately, this site is still run by one person, not the rest of illiterate humanity, and when he (me) is busy, it suxxors for all concerned! I should be getting more cats up soon, though. I have a few thousand to go through.

Congrats to all the sport winners within the recent weeks. You all rock steady! Tiger got his trophy, Ray Allen gets a ring leaving the Sonics, Nadal gets to beat off on center court and… the Sonics are now officially tossed aside like Mayor Nickels dirty man panties. They can be the Oklahoma City Bombers now! Go OK! (I know, tasteless joke).

Much love to you all!

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