The Right is RIGHT!

I am not allowed to politick anymore lest I lose all of my Republican fans and viewers. However, to their great joy, I must make two observationss.

John McCain has been proven correct today in that he is no Bushie, and Obama seems to be aligned with the Right!

The current administration is sending an envoy to talk to the Iranians! Just what John McCain said he wouldn’t do, but Obama said he would. So now we see… Bush has taken a page from Obama’s game plan, because they are actually in cahoots. McCain would do good to ‘stay the course’ and never deal with such entities as the Axis of Evil.

In other news, I was corrected regarding my Antarctica post. It appears now that OBAMA has not been to Antarctica to observe the penguins and make snow angels, where McCain has. I have this on a good source who happens to be on ice as I type. She said no one was allowed to talk to McCain however, because he was undergoing some strange bionic replacement.

79 days to go!

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