This is… your future.

Here it is in a nutshell… you are the future. What a nutshell. It is possibly the size of the biggest nutshell either. In back of the truck it happened.

I was in the hospital for months. Many days, my friends. This is when I learned that nothing like this would ever happen again. You are professional. I am professional. I wish to sweat it up some. This happens when there is nothing else left in the tank.

I want to wear cowboy boots and kick others in the groin. I am not a trucker, though. So what do I do?

I will go to South Dakota where shit is right. I love South Dakota. It is beautiful. You come down out of the I-90, the continental divide and there it is (after you leave Montana) and it is gorgeous. Deadwood here I come. I think it is the best place. Maybe next to Montana. Big Sky Country for sure. The best skies I have ever seen. Utah is awesome too. I love the desert. But I have had too many beers so now I am into the basement of my life.

Who else is onboard? You? You want to sponsor a MCHY roadtrip? Holy shit, I like your ‘tude!

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