Today is the day! My Cat Hates You hits the retail shelves this very day! Borders – Barnes & Noble – Waldenbooks – everywhere! Buy one today for those you love who are besieged by the evil feline cabal! Put one in the bathroom in case you run out of toilet paper. Use them to shim your table on the uneven floor. We also have the NEW 8th anniversary mousepads available in the Store tab. Dig them the most.

We will be having a special book-release sale on ALL MCHY merchandise next week! Get ready to shop until you drop!

In light of recent events concerning the possible discovery of Mr. Steve Fossett, I am reminded of Sir Richard Branson traipsing about the globe, getting his mug in any possible photo op for anything that might be possibly history making. There is going to be a rocket launch… Richard Branson better be there or it is not legit! Someone is flying across the Himalayas in a balloon, better call Branson and get his beard here to give it validity! I have been wondering for awhile if I was to put out a press release that I was going to take a world record turd, how long it would be before he popped up with a “Cheerio, where’s the dung to be dropped, then?”

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