Goodbye Coach!

Here in Seattle we say goodbye to Coach Holmgren today. Our lopsided loss in Arizona is a fitting end to the season that we thought would never end. I may speak for all Seattleites when I say “Goodbye Coach Holmgren and Mr. Mora, help us all!”

We have suffered for years with the West Coast Offense, which I believe is offensive. Coach, thought I appreciate all you have done for us, including a Super Bowl that we were silently screwed out of, it is time for you to spend time with your family and leave us in the Northwest to put some salve on our wounds and move forward.

4-12, wow! Is this the Seahawks we have come to love? In a word, yes. Seattle is cursed in how many ways? A baseball team that wins 116 games and can’t make it to the big show. Our loving mayor gives away our basketball team for 40 million. The last championship we had was our WNBA team (yum yum Lauren Jackson). What to do? Start over. Jim Mora is our new coach and I hope he gets away from the conservativeness of Coach Holmgren and expands our playbook.

Go San Diego!

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