Oh, here it is!

It is the new year of us! Hooray we! More kitties who hate you are in the wings. Piles and piles I look at.

The best moment of 2008 you ask? A few for sure for MCHY.

  1. Our book is finally out in its all too MCHY form! Hooray we!
  2. When Karl Rove is explaining how John McCain MUST win Ohio for the Presdiency and is informed that Ohio just went to Barack Obama.
  3. Jim signs the papers to sell his restaurant.
  4. Althea Harvey III enters the family and is prepared for the MCHY Assault on America.
  5. Uhhh… hooray we!

It is a question that lingers like garlic breath: when is someone a porn star? If I were to say to my friend Hans, “Hans, do you know of the one called Harrison Ford?” the answer would come in the form of an affirmative. If I were to say, “Oh my brother, have you known the delights of Eve Lawrence?” he would shake his head with the quaking of the unknowing. But women in these Internet-only adult movie clips, or DVD erotica, or even something shot on film, will refer to themselves as porn STARS, when my neighbor’s wife does now know their name. I suggest that they refrain from casting themselves in the glow of stardom and let an independent body of judges make such distinctions. They are properly low-tiered adult entertainers. Not adult movie actors even, because the art of the XXX movie has left, save for some of Evan Stone and Randy Spears’ work.

“Gandhiji, Gandhiji, ve have come all the vay from London to help your vork.”

“Good my friends, but there vill be much suffering.”

“Gandhiji, for that ve are prepared.”

“Yes, of course. There vill also be much abuse from the British.”

“Gandhiji, ve have lived in London for seven years. For abuse from the British ve are prepared.”

“Excellent. And of course, there vill be MUCH pain.”

“Ve are from Britain! Ve have the best Mackintoshes!”

“No! Not RAIN, you idiots. Pain… PAIN! There vill be much pain!”

“Ahhh. Then ve must be leaving, Gandhiji, because for that, ve are NOT prepared!”

*shuffle out of the room*

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