Happy Birthday Moon Landing

If you are a geek like me, you know that 41 years ago this very day two men tempted fate and stood on the surface of our fair satellite, Luna. While Michael Collins kept a careful eye overhead, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin put their footprints into the lunar dust; the first time humans have touched another heavenly body. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

We are having a blowout sale on MCHY merchandise this week. Maybe longer, depends. I am leaving next week for the Gulf Coast to live as long as can be lived there. My woman, Athena, is already there and has staked out a wonderful habitat in Gulf Breeze on the English Navy Cove. I have been in the process of disposing of all of our worldly possessions here in Seattle and have whittled our existence to a small truckload of things. Among these things are crates and crates of MCHY tee shirts, underwear, hoodies and mousepads. I wish NOT to haul all this stuff across the country (for the third time), so I am liquidating at 1/2 the normal price. Take advantage of the savings and buy today!

Oh yes, the ubiquitous question of new cats. Thanks to all of those who have donated their pics to the 2012 Bad Cat Calendar, I have about 100 pics to get sorted, sized, thumbnailed and posted here in the next few days. It WILL happen. Shhh, tell no one!

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