The problem in Gulf Breeze.

In Gulf Breeze there is a new addition to the Baxivanos / Edgar family. His name is Nigel, and alternately Nigiri, Hank (given him by the shelter we rescued hims from), ShitHead, Bartholomew (though we never call hims that), and as of last night’s Halloween nightmare, DAMIEN! Here is a picture of him getting ready to make trouble on our toes, ankles, elbows, heels, arms, wrists, and anything else he can get to whilst we are trying to get a good night of sleep.

He is laying down with mommy, planning his next assault upon our persons.

Matilda is pouting due to the arrival of the Terror From Gulf Breeze.

So, more on Nigel/Hank/Bartholomew/ShitHead/Damien later. After laying in bed watching the Food Channel for a couple of hours, we found ourselves determined to go get some ribs and chicken wings, so we headed to McGuire’s for the first time. Holy Amazing! We recommend! Then off to the Bridge Bar where the night turned extraterrestrial when I was abducted and replaced by Alien Jim. Innocently enough, we get some wine and take some cute pics of ourselves.

We go inside and find a quiet spot at the bar. There are some peeps around talking politics and local gossip, etc.

Then I get this queer feeling as if someone is talking to me inside my head. So of course, I start talking back. This bothers Athena.

She gets really pissed and starts yelling back at them.

Whatever she said must have pissed them off, so they started the brain probe.

More probing… so Athena starts looking for someone else to talk to.

I look back to her for help, but she is now busy discussing the merits of service to the community, especially the animals, who have no voice of their own.

I interrupt to say that the aliens now controlling my mind have a very vested interest in the animals of Earth as well. This apparently pissed her off.

That was the last thing I remember before the blue beam took me from the building and replaced me with temporary replacement Jim. Athena is looking to see ‘what the hell was that light?’, unaware of the body-swap occurring behind her. (notice that Alien Jim forgot to bring spectacles – the obvious clencher to the deceit)

She turned back to ask if I saw the light, but Alien Jim has nothing to say.

Unimpressed with my lack of response, she goes back to her original conversation. Alien Jim starts to become bored.

He tries to get her attention. Bleeehhhh!

Listening to Athena talk about all the different animals on Earth made Alien Jim very hungry. Apparently he had not eaten dinner before beaming down.

“You know that’s right, sister!” Athena is saying in her conversation. Alien Jim agrees the best way he knows how, “duhhh.”

Athena debates the issue of factory farming versus free-range. Alien Jim misses his ship and starts transforming back to Real Jim.

Real Jim (hence known as just Jim, or I) tries to explain what happened onboard the alien vessel. Athena runs out of facial muscles trying to express her dismay that I am back.

I say goodbye to my abductors as they fly away. Athena is perturbed that she has to go back to talking to me about beer now.

Athena forgives me for being abducted. (note: that is not Alien Jim again, I took my glasses off)

Hahahaha! We can’t believe you fell for that story. We laugh at you!

In all truth, Gulf Breeze, Florida, has an interesting history of UFO activity. This happened in the late 80’s and has been well documented in many books and documentaries on the subject. You can see the Wiki article HERE or the UFO Casebook article HERE.

Now, onto the Pensacola Interstate Fair! We took a nice day trip to the fairgrounds to see what local flavor we could take in. The fair was chock full of food vendors, animals, and exhibits of food, arts, and cars. There was a Wild West show as well with cowboys riding around shooting off their revolvers. Here are some pics of Athena feeding the animals. Eat my hand! she was saying.

And me feeding the goat/sheep-thing, which I realized later was an incarnation of Satan himself, and here I am feeding the motherfucker!

I know I drone on about the fried food down heeyah, but dig this shit the most! This one vendor had nothing other than fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, and fried Snickers (trademarks of Nabisco, Hostess Brands, and Mars, Inc. respectively.) Athena got the Twinkie, I got the Oreos. Pretty, pretty, pretty interesting. This image is called Thener and the Twink

Now, more animals, including pheasants, roosters, chickens, and pre-chickens!

Back to food! We noshed on something called Butt-Fries, a local delicacy of french fries covered with BBQ pulled pork. Dude fucking! Then an alligator kebab. The bomb, my friends! I have never seen such a tiny gator and how they got it on the stick without being bitten, I will never know. The new trend at the fair this year is apparently the Krispy Kreme (trademark Krispy Kreme) hamburger. You have to see it to believe it, so we got a pic for youse! That was something we were JUST NOT ready for.

Ah yes, the feeding of the soon-to-be King of the Wildlife Refuge here in Florida somewhere. This is Maurice, four months old and loving it already.

This little guy was found that morning, having been born the night before and presumably abandoned by moms.

Eventually, we had to say goodbye and this little marsupial gave us the farewell kiss… OF DEATH!

We went on a ride called The Zipper, which was Athena’s favorite ride since childhood. It scared the shit out of us. Just saying. It was a good time, for sure! We finished up the day with another trip to McGuire’s, where we had gorged on ribs and wings the night before. We did not, mind you, stop at the Bridge Bar on the way home for fear of another abduction experience.

I still have more cats to get up on the site, I KNOW! But for now…

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