You know you deserve it.

Check out the pic in the new gallery! It is my ex-g/f Athena Baxivanos in bed in with our three cats. I don’t miss her, but I sure miss my Nigels. He was my main homeboy. Maybe one day he will slay her in her sleep!

We are still working on the MCHY 4.0! and hope to have it up very soon. We will be changing the forum software but we will still have forums for you to blab about in. We are moving to the WordPress model because it is so easy to administer. It will be more interactive and have more to do.

Plus, we are going to make MCHY part of a ring of sites, sort of how those fuckers over at Cheezburgers do it by buying up websites and BORG-ing them. Except these are all MCHY original sites. If you like homeless people or really bad movie reviews, you will be our biggest fan! There will be something for the stoners out there as well, so stay tuned. Things take time, let us not forget 🙂

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