Happy 4-20, honkies!

Big News at MCHY!

After 10 years of being the sole proprietor of MyCatHatesYou, I - he who is called Jim - have taken the inevitable step of evolution and have adopted a wonderful cat of my own. The irony has always been that I myself do not have a cat though I run a website dedicated to them. Now that the MCHY headquarters is no longer transient, I decided that a feline companion would be greatly appreciated by all concerned, myself being foremost.

Her name is Maleficent and she is a Devon Rex adopted from MEOW in Kirkland, WA. There will obviously be much more written about her here in the future, but for now I wanted to introduce her to everyone and post a picture of her. She is 1.5 years young and was saved from a breeder who had passed away, leaving her and her 6 sibs in an uncertain state. She was the last one to be adopted, possibly because she is a bit maladjusted from childhood issues. In other words a perfect fit for the nutjobs that inhabit the MCHY world. So, please say hi to Maleficent.

Don't tell Britney, but Maleficent is going to be the new MCHY mascot. It is only logical, is it not?

The New MCHY Site!

It looks like May 1 is going to be the long-awaited (for me, if not YOU) changeover to the new format for this website. As mentioned before, we are going to join the herd and go with the WordPress format for so many reasons, I will not list them all here. The first incarnation of the new site (MCHY v4.0) is going to be rather simplistic: blog (news) entries, galleries of all MCHY cats, galleries of YOUR cats, forums, links to some of our favorite sites, videos, etc. As time goes on, I will of course be tweaking it for usefulness. But the aesthetics are set and the main options are almost ready for prime time. So, look for that on May 1.

Feline Horrorscope

The sign of the Claw, the sign for Apr 5 - May 4, will be investigated this coming weekend in the latest MCHY video blog entry. Unknown to Maleficent, she is going to be a guest on the video in a short interview as the new MCHY mascot. That should be available by April 23. A bit late for those born under the sign of the Claw, but relevant nevertheless! We are trying to get Prod Mewlo back as our Feline Astrologer-in-Residence, but she is asking for a sum of payment we are finding hard to stomach. We may have to just grab some of the ancient manuscripts and try to determine for ourselves what the hell is going on.

Don't forget to check out the new cats for April and go into the forums if you want to help caption the next batch that will be going up in a couple of weeks!


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