Looks like we are up and running!

Hello all! It looks like we came through the storm with a minimum of damage and the new MCHY site is up and running! There are a few additions and some changes. Most of these will be detailed later, but I wanted to welcome old and new guests with a heartfelt THANKS for sticking around through the DULL years.

I am expecting with the new “design” using the ubiquitous WordPress platform that the site will be more vibrant and interactive than the older one. MCHY gallery updates will be more frequent, having streamlined the process over the last few weeks. You can expect more video clips of the usual MCHY insanity. I have installed the NextGen Gallery software for viewing the cat galleries, which is pretty slick, but I need to add some social media buttons to them. Not sure how to get that done yet, but if anyone ELSE does, drop me a line via the Contact link.

While I work up a longer post detailing the changes and what not, please poke around, check out the galleries, visit the forums – join up if you are inclined to wasting a lot of time.

The forums are up and running, but the data from the old server has not been migrated yet. Having some problems with that. In the meantime, the old forums are still open – and are linked to via the Forum dropdown on the main menu. But they will be closed in a week and deprecated soon after. If I can not get the data migrated over, we are going to keep a static snapshot available, which will be linked to on the site and from within the new forums as well.

Old forum users will have to sign up again – the usernames should be available. I would recommend not posting in the old forums as well, since they are unmoderated at this point and will be shut down soon.

I will be begging for new cat pics this week as well. Looks like another Bad Cat is in the works for 2014. Woot!

If you are a Facebook-type, don’t forget to LIKE us. Any additions to the site will be posted there, so you will know there are new funnies to look at.

All in all, it has been a BUSY month here at MCHY. We hope you stick around and share our goodness (or evilness) with others!

As for our sister sites, I have a few of them I am working on but not being fortunate enough to have a crew of folks in China slaving away for me while I drink Mai Tais on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, I am doing the work meself. So far just some goofy stuff I been playing with. Take a look, but don’t expect anything interesting.

Approval !

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