New cats for fun and abuse!

Hey all,

First things first… and when I say first, I mean the first kitty update on the new MCHY site! Yes, exclamation mark for that last statement. If you don’t want to hear all the hub bub and just see kitties, click HERE.

Since I have no one to tell this shit to, you can be the brain-dump-recipient for this garbage: I originally was using MCHY Gallery Ten for the newest cats, but there are also cats in there from ohhh, 2002? because when the new site went up, we decided not to keep them all in chronological order going back to 2000. It was deemed of more interest to all concerned (mostly YOU) to just mix the 4600 images up and dump them into 10 galleries, 9 of which are 500 images, and the rest in Gallery Ten – to which we would add any new images until it gets to 500 and then BAM! Gallery Eleven is spawned. But that would tend to confuse people if they click on the NEW KITTIES widget on the left and get a bunch of old images.

SOOOO… I started a new gallery of ONLY the newest kitties, short story long. As new kitties are added, they will go into there and the older ones will be rotated into the Gallery Ten until it gets to 500, then BAM! Gallery Eleven. HENCE, the newest kitty gallery will ONLY have the newest uploads.

Thanks to the forum members for all their work in captioning the last few batches of images. They have been doing a lot of the work for me recently and though I edit them and sometimes usurp their hilarity with my own, I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. If you are interested in captioning some cats, you will usually find a small batch needing HAHAHAHA in the User Captioning forum, so sign up and join in the fray!

As said in my video apology to the left <<

Before I get to sleep for bright-eyed work tomorrow morning, I wanted to say that there are going to be a few more pages under the MCHY Goodies link. Right now, just the LINKS page, which we had on the old site, but I am going to get some other cat-related stuff in there soon as I can. A collection of fun animated feline .gifs, some videos, whatever.

So, check out the new kitties and share them with your friends. I am aiming to get some social media buttons attached to the galleries. May have to code that myself, as I don’t know of good gallery software that does that… YET. YET I SAY!

And now, a word from Maleficent.

Maleficent Approval!


New cats for fun and abuse! — 4 Comments

  1. I just wanted to say that Maleficent looks so scary that I would not dare to leave any bad posts or she might come after me.

  2. She was in a particularly evil mood yesterday and was captured on film engaging in Scowls from Hell.

    And congrats IreneB for being the first EVER person to reply to a MCHY blog post. Up to now, it was impossible. God bless Word Press… and the Queen.

  3. Just…neato! Maleficent is gorgeous and you really know how to work a prop!

  4. I find Maleficent truly worthy to be the MCHY mascot. She brings fresh blood that augur a prosperous future. She is an excellent representative of our feline species.