Part Two of the MCHY Pröd Legaspi Interview.

Hullo all!

Yours truly has finally got down to business of editing the 2/2 of the interview with our very special guest, Pröd Legaspi. Click below to watch the wisdom exude from this very holy teacher.

Interview with Pröd Legaspi

Here is a pic of the Master and I in my abode.

HEY! If you are not blind, read the special announcement above and visit the MCHY store for SUPER deals unlike those seen since Jesus the Christ walked the gravel paths of the Middle East, looking for small rodent populations to preach to.

It is calendar time again, which means I got 100+ pages of 2014 feline madness to create by the middle of next month (that is June in case you are blind.) I need your pics ASAP to fill the vacant spaces in my mind. Check out the Forums for more info.

Ah-So! There will be another batch of kitties coming out tomorrow, so come around evening time. While the fam is chowing down on burnt offerings, grab a box of Kleenex and visit us. We look at you. Forward to it. We look forward to you. Looking at us. You. Look.

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