All cats, only cats…

From now on, all cats, only cats. Part of the New Way at MCHY.

I posted a video of Mal meowing. Don’t ask why. This is a cat site, so it is about cats. All cats. Only cats.

Posted twenny sumpin new cats so check them out. Please see link in the sidebar as I am too lazy to put an A HREF inline here. Mua ha ha and stuff.

that is all



All cats, only cats… — 3 Comments

  1. Found myself watching this little clip with a silly grin on my face. Greatly admired her teeth, little mini sabretoothed tigress. Also: those hoarse little cries are charming . I am wondering whether in a few months’ time Maleficent will show herself to be a magnificent diva with an operatic bellow. Which will have you running around trying to fulfil whatever wish she is expressing…

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