All cats, only cats…

From now on, all cats, only cats. Part of the New Way at MCHY.

I posted a video of Mal meowing. Don’t ask why. This is a cat site, so it is about cats. All cats. Only cats.

Posted twenny sumpin new cats so check them out. Please see link in the sidebar as I am too lazy to put an A HREF inline here. Mua ha ha and stuff.

that is all



All cats, only cats… — 3 Comments

  1. Found myself watching this little clip with a silly grin on my face. Greatly admired her teeth, little mini sabretoothed tigress. Also: those hoarse little cries are charming . I am wondering whether in a few months’ time Maleficent will show herself to be a magnificent diva with an operatic bellow. Which will have you running around trying to fulfil whatever wish she is expressing…

  2. sweet little baby. love the hoarsey voice. But you seem to have been boring her! All the yawns!!!