Finally got the damned contest up.

Well, the first one, two, three. This is something we used to do in the old forums and it was pretty fun. At least *I* had fun racking people’s brains for the names of obscure statues in bombed-out villages in Serbia.

Some more of those are to come when I get time to THINK. Usually, they are a string of clues pointing to a discrete answer. The job of the contestant is to find the answer and show their work. Sometimes a group effort is involved and then there is a group sex! I mean prize… a group prize. Which could be sex, I suppose.

The first one, posted in the forum for Contests, is a little bit of creative fun for those who have a pencil, paper, and some kind of imaging device. Yes, a phone-camera counts. Go check it out if you have some spare cycles (time for you non-nerds).

Yes, I did move some things around on the site, trying to finalize the layout with maximum efficiency as the goal. And extra ways for you to get lost trying to see cat pictures!

And now, a word from Prod Legaspi.

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