Happy Summer Day!

Unless you are in Seattle, you are probably enjoying summer already and basking in the sun by the pool with a cold one. Here, we are wearing parkas and dying from carbon monoxide emitted by the BBQ grills we are using for heat in our apartments.

But enough of the morbid stuff, let’s talk about cats!

Thank you to everyone who submitted cats for the 2014 Bad Cat calendar. When the project is wrapped up, there will be many of you receiving some nice calendars in about a year’s time. Hooray you!

I have been busy with the calendar, obviously, and have not put the new batch of kitties up. It will be your July 1 present then, as I will be posting some funny felines this weekend.

In case you have not been on the forums recently, I finally cobbled together the first MCHY ScreenSaver for Windows. See the link below for installation, compatibility, and download info. If you are using Norton, it can be a pain in the ass, so… do something about it. An OSX version is in the works also!


We finally got around to getting a new MCHY contest up! It is a bit of wordplay, Google searching, and historical knowledge wrapped into a $50.00 prize!


Soo… for now, That is all, but pop back this weekend for new kitties and fumbling around the contest forum!


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