Happy Birthday America!

Who doesn’t love the Fourth of July?  Maybe those heathens in Norway, or the Qaida of Al.  But we sure loves it here, eh folks?  And truth be told, there is no better way to celebrate another year of our ultimate supremacy over the Higgs Boson than with exploding ordinances and more damned cat pictures! Click images below for the latest entries to our fair corner of the world. NO! the UNIVERSE!


As I sit in the captain’s chair at MCHY HQ in Newcastle, WA, watching the city of Seattle celebrate the country’s birth, I have to say thank you to the ancient Chinee for inventing funpowder. No, sorry… it was the Columbians that invented funpowder. The Chinee created gunpowder and then added the blood of their enemies for that added color!

For the first time in as long as I can remember, it has NOT rained on the 4th of July in Seattle. In fact, it was a beautiful day, and we have transferred our rain to Boston apparently who are getting drenched during their celebration.

Congrats to Janey for winning the latest contest which she handled with professionalism befitting a woman of her pedigree. Look for another one this weekend.

AND also this weekend, the third installment of the Feline Horrorscope, the Sign of the Tail. We re-visit Prod Mewlo and ask her about her infamous past under Prod Donanada Logerstedtanandakanda.

You all get to look forward to my one year update upon my leaving the East Coast and my “wonderful” life there with Athena and the other denizens of 101 Rolling Road. I may even have some pictures!

So, goodnight to all and Happy Birthday USA! And as always, MCHY supports the Troops, not the Stoops!


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