MCHY Interview with Dr. Hawking

Interview with Dr. Hawking.

Hello all MCHY fans!  WOW!  Can we be any happier than to have Dr. Stephen Hawking give us his insight on the Feline Horrorscope Sign of the Whisker.  Because your faithful webmaster, Jim, who is me, could not be in Moscow (that is in Russia) I had our favorite overseas correspondent Vladimir Coatchek do the interview for us.  Click below for the most awesome audio-video extravaganza which includes the interview with the master himself.

More cats this weekend!

I know we have been lax on the new cats, but I have another batch of twenty plus cats to put up this weekend.  Hooray we!  Thanks again to the forum users for their help in the captioning of these evil kitties.  In the pipeline are another fifty or so cats that users have sent in for the next batches.

2013 Calendars

If anyone has submitted pics for the calendars, please see this forum thread because you have a calendar coming to you.  If your pic was total shit, however, maybe we will send you a used condom.  What? That is terrible.  Anyways, if you are due a calendar, please check out this forum thread.

Stupid non-cat shit:

So. the baseball post-season is upon us and the beginning of the football is here.  I must say awesomeness to the Cardinals and the Orioles for kicking ass through the wild-card games and I hope you do well in the REAL FUCKING PLAYOFFS!  My Mariners of course did not make it anywhere near the playoffs, but the American League will kick ass this year!

Oh what? The Seahawks?  Yes, there is some kind of blathering about the interception/touchdown against the Green Bay.  Yeah, well, we won, so suck it Green Bay.  Though my boy Aaron Rodgers went to the same college as I he who is called Jim, I still have to go for the Bears this year.  My lady friend is from ChiTown and after watching games with her, I am convinced that the quarterback Jay Cutler is the shit.  So, there is that.  I will pontificate about all this shit later.


A blast from the fucking past.  My boys, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh accompanied by a wonderful ensemble blasted my mind open on Sept 25 at the WaMu Theater in Seattle just this last week.  How awesome was it?  Well, I can say that I have not smelled that combination of pot and patchouli for many many years.  The set list you ask?  Let me tell you!

This was only one day after the infamous Seattle touchdown against the evil Green Bay.  The play that will live forever as the call that brought the “real” refs back to the NFL.  Bobby comes out on stage and says, “This song is dedicated to the NFL.”  And then the band trickles into “Victim or the Crime.”  That was the first time Furthur had played that song and what an apropos moment.  The NFL heads in the audience cheered, myself included, and we were off for the rest of the night.  I have not danced so much in over a decade.  And then my good friends Angela and Matt Beshta bumped into me, literally, and that was it!  What a great dance and trip fest.  Here is the setlist:

Victim or the Crime > Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > Colors of the Rain > Candyman, All Along the Watchtower, Just A Little Light, Big Bad Blues, Cosmic Charlie

Passenger, Jack Straw, Estimated Prophet > Mountains of the Moon > The Eleven > Lady With A Fan > Terrapin Station > Wharf Rat, Throwing Stones, Touch of Grey

E: Bertha

Yeah, we pretty much got it all.  What a great fucking night with my boys.  Phil came on before the second set and talked, as he does, about organ donorship.  He was given a liver by a boy, Cody, that saved his life.  He said that we should all, and I agree, be organ donors.  Go Phil!

So, please be kind and thanks for being fans.

That is all – Jim


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