70 days left to live!

The Mayan Prophecy!

So, there is this whole thing going on out there in YOUR world about the end of the fucking Mayan calendar.  For those of you NOT scientifically inclined, let me say this: please send all monies and goodies to ME.  Because if you believe in the END TIMES of Mayans, Jehovah, Yeshua, Satan, etc… let me profit from your idiocy.  As someone who studied Mayan mathematics as part of my “education” in the college system of California, I can assure you… the Earth will survive beyond 70 days hence.

Just in case…

we DO all perish somehow in the aforementioned 70 days, there is a bonus…  MORE CATS!  Yes, it is true, without doubt and irregardless of prophecy!  They are upon us now, these feline masters of ours, posing and posturing for a chance at the afterlife.  Please enjoy them… while you can, oh my friends. Click on the sampling below for more kitteh goodness.

Alex and the rest…

So, now that we have put that end-of-the-world shit to rest, let us talk about the real deal.  The word on the street is that Alex, the original master of MyCatHatesYou, has arrived back in the US of A, having tired of that post-Soviet bullshit.  He has towed along with him one wife and child (of dubious origins).  He is living in the Los Angeles area and is in dire need of old school MCHY fun!  It is with this in mind that I propose a visit from myself to him with all intentions of an audio-video extravaganza of epic proportions for your viewing pleasure.  When this site first started and we spent endless hours drinking vodka and captioning cats, there was no YouTube, no viral bullshit.  It seems to me that it would be only appropriate that two old-timers from the early web days get together and discuss the evolution of our genre and the website in general.  So, keep tuned for any word on this reunion!


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