New cats to caption… honkies!


We have uploaded a new batch of kitties for your perusal and subsequent captioning!  The forum is open to guests and members alike, no registration required.  You can anonymously abuse our kitties, free of charge!


Here are some of the victims of our deranged minds…


The Sign of the Fang!

We have another interview on its way with another master of the Feline Horrorscope!  The Sign of the Fang is next to examine, oh my friends!  What an awesome sign this is… oh yes yes.  It has been known from ancient times as the mystical power center of the feline soul.  So much to learn, so stay prepared for this extravaganza!

Random shit…

Congratulations to the Giants of San Francisco on their disturbingly easy victory over the Tigers from Detroit in the Series of the World!  Bisabol has never been better served than by these rapscallions from the Bay Area.  The beard, my friends, the power of the beard.  The irony of the Triple Crown champ walking away after watching strike three sail across the plate, he with no chance of making contact.  And Romo, the slider master, doing that funky fist pump of his.  An awesome post-season to be sure… topped off with Alex Rodriguez completely melting down again to help the Yankees get swept away to sea as if by a hurricane!  Tragic that…

Let us wrap this up with “Lucky Man” by Emerson Lake and Palmer live at Royal Albert Hall.

That is all – Jim

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