Time to do your civic duty… get out and vote.

Time to make your voice heard!

Election Day is upon us!  Let us use our civic power and tell the world how wonderful democracy is.  Show them that we can be just as confused as the rest of the world, yet our revolutions need not be bloody and led by screaming falafel vendors.

Though I did write my cat in for one local position, it is generally unacceptable to vote for non-human entities… like Donald Trump.

2013 Bad Cat Calendars

This is the last few days to request a 2013 Bad Cat Calendar for all those who submitted images of their pussies to us!  I am mailing the calendars this Saturday and that, as they say, will be that.  Send email to us (see the Contact Us page for our email addy) if you have not yet done so.  Include your snail mail addy and the name of the cat you submitted. If you can, send a copy of the pic as well, so I can match them up with reality.


We are still in the middle of another captioning blitz for the upcoming kitty upload!  If you wanna help out, come to the forums and try your hand at being funny.  Guests are welcome without registation.


Here are some of the victims of our deranged minds…

 That is all. – Jim

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