Quickie update!

Audio/Video extravaganza!

Due to some technical problems, mainly the discovery that my video camera did not get all the content I thought I had shot, I am having to re-shoot/edit some of the content for the next installation of the MCHY Feline Horrorscope video.

But as it is the holiday season, it makes the most sense to merge the new footage (to be shot soon) with our once-in-a-while holiday video.  So, around the 25th of December, we will be presenting a nice little video masterpiece encompassing the Feline Horrorscope and the MCHY Holiday spectacular.

New Kitties

I have been plagued with a drastic work schedule leading up to the day of Christmas, and in league with the Seahawk’s approaching the playoffs, the time to get the new batch of kitties up for the year’s end has drawn tight.  However… this will be happening very soon, and what a batch of kitties they will be: terrible, irreverent, and evil as only the holiday’s can bring!  We have all been naughty, so it will be most apropos.

Now, to finish out the day with some nice sax, let us enjoy Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street!


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