Happy New Year Kitties are up!


Let me say huzzah and well done!  You all survived the end of the Mayan Calendar!  I only just came out of a three-week ayahuasca sesh, so it is good to see Earth and her denizens still around. Though I see we lost a few during my vacancy.  But no Nibiru or Planet X or great wave of water or volcano insanity. Good.


Yes, it is another year with MCHY.  We celebrated our twelfth anniversary last month and it was quite the fete!  All the neighborhood cats came by and had drinks with Maleficent.  If you have never seen a dozen drunk cats singing Happy Birthday to MCHY, you are out of luck because Mal broke the video camera when she dropped it off the fridge trying to make her own Friskies commercial.


New batch of kitties up for your disapproval.  Click on the teasers below to view the 51 new kittehs! If there are no images below, it is because you are looking at archived posts and I have moved them from the New Kitty gallery over to Gallery Ten, which happens when I put a NEWER batch up, so go look for them there.


If anyone actually comes here for anything other than cats, you will notice that there are new forums (fora) up and they have their own domain.  I tried to integrate the new site with some forum plug-in but it was more like a fuck-in, in that it SUCKED.  We actually lost members because of it.  Not copacetic.  the idea was to have ONE account so a forum member could post on the blog entries.  But since no one apparently reads this shit, it didn’t matter.  If you have a forum account on this site, yo uwill have to make a new one at http://www.mchyforums.com



Still working on the Year in Review and the Last sign of the Feline Horrorscope.  But y’all know how it is.  Lose your footage, cat breaks the video camera, spend a night (or three) in stony lonesome.  It all adds up.  Plus, I had that fucking flu for two weeks.  But keep your eyes open.  More to come.

Bill W.

I decided sobriety was for quitters and monks, neither of which I am, so I had some champagne to celebrate the new year and let me say I am glad I had the next day off.  What is with that shit, anyway?


Wowowow!  What a run for the newly-sainted Seattle Seahawks.  It is too bad Russell Wilson is married, because he could have sex with 1/2 of Seattle if he wanted to, guys included.  Did that kid come out of nowhere (well, Wisconsin) and impress the hell out of you.  I don’t care what team you root for, you gotta be impressed with a 5’11 rookie going all the way to the Division Round of the NFL playoffs, slaying and taking names along the way.  Gonna be a very interesting next several years here in SeaTown.  So, we sign off with a picture of me after the Falcons pulled out the game because our defensive team was playing 15 yards off the line of scrimmage.

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