Mo’ Kitteh!


Yes, that was not English, but neither is this: kumret sagg now^hhet.

You ever hear the one about the Irishman that goes into the bar?

He orders 3 Guinness and drinks them down.  Does the same a few days in a row.  Finally the bartender asks him WTF?

“Oh, I am drinking for me two brothers in Ireland as well!”

This goes on for a few months and one day the Irishman orders only two Guinness.  The bartender sets ’em up and then comes over later.

“My sincere condolences, old chap,” the bartender says, patting the man on the back.

“But why?”

“I see you are only drinking two beers, I guess one of your brothers has uh… passed.”

“Oh nothing of the sort,” the man replies.  “I just quit drinking!”

This aside only proves what we Irish already know: you can’t keep a good Mick down!


So, I finally got around to getting some new cats up.  It has been awhile I know, but I got waylaid with stuff.  So much to do, so little time.  You got ideas?  I got a meelion.  Here are some new cats!


I am STILL working on the two biggie contests for the site.  A little Google and some good old fashioned brainwork will help you win either a XBOX 360 or Windows 7 (or 8).  This will be done sooner than later.  Keep eyes peeled.  Like garlic.  Or apple.


And… happy 3102013 to all you palindrome fans!

Love you all.

– Jim

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