Finally some new GD cats!

Sorry for the 34 year delay!

I am… sorry.  I am… behind on everything, but I finally got a new bunch (55!) of kittehs up thanks to all the help from the MCHY forum folks!  Click on the link to the left that says Newest Kitty Uploads and, well, see THE GOD DAMNED NEW KITTIES!

I am STILL workin on the new MCHY contest, but it is going to be so complex (yet so worth it) that I have had to CREATE the clues myself.  Yes, this is true.  I went out in the “REAL WORLD” and have created clues – that eventually show up on the Internet.  Which you will need.  To solve the damned puzzle.  But hey, the prize is a REAL XBOX 360 and shit.  And now for BETTER news:

Happy Two Year Anniversary to me!

This is a week or so late, but it must be celebrated!  On June 19, 2011, I wrote my four-page missive to Athena Baxivanos, drank ½ a bottle of Maker’s Mark, and made my comfy bed on the couch.

The next morning, she drove her BMW away to her job at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where she worked with “a bunch of worthless n*****s” – her words.  This was June 20, 2011 – Independence Day.

I made quick and took a shower, not forgetting to pee on the floor as a little treat for her when she got back.

Then I loaded up my truck with the most important things in my life:  my computer, my guns, and my guitar.  I had to leave my precious Nigels with Athena Baxivanos, sad to say.  I sure miss that kitty.  When I would walk by him, he would reach out his little paw and pat me to just say “Hi daddy!”  He would not have done well with me, though, because I was on the road for months and he would not have liked living in a trailer in the mountains of upstate New York with no AC.  Shit, I didn’t even like it, but I had the wine, so I was all right.

It took a lot for me to get up in the morning (mostly because of the hangover) and drive away from the abuse I had endured for two years.  Most people would say, no no no Jim, it would be easy.  But it wasn’t.  ‘nough said.  I left her a pile of cash to kill my phone account that was in her name and a lovely letter explaining how she had been right all the time and her life would be better without me.

I had left her a few times before, and then been convinced that “things will be better” if I come back, so I did.  Things would be better for a week or so, but then the shit would start up all over again.  So, June 20, two years after I left Seattle for her, three days before my 42nd birthday, I left for good.

There was a bit of PTSD that went along with that relationship, which now, two years later, I am pretty much done with.  I still have nightmares of living with her and her incredibly impossible moods and jealousies and ridiculous demands and expectations. I wake up in a full panic attack, unable to breathe normally, etc., just from the mental imagery of her twisted, scowling face.  I can’t say more.  Or can I?

Her racism was especially terrible and unnerving.  No class or color of human was safe from her excoriating.  Why I dealt with it, I can’t say because I do not know.

If I lived in a ditch in the middle of Mexico with no legs and incurable diarrhea, I would still be happier than the years I spent with her.  So, happy Independence Day to Jim and I am sure glad to be back among my people here in the Pacific Northwest and back in touch with you crazy cat people.

That is all. – Jim


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