Happy 17 of July!

Thank you to everyone!

The submissions are still pouring in for the calendar, but I think we are all good for now!  The submissions will of course be used on the site as soon as we get them captioned and up on the site!

In the meantime, you can see the new kitties by clicking on thems below!


2014 Bad Cat Calendars are in!

I just got a pre-shipment of the 2014 Bad Cat wall calendars.  Everyone who is owed one will be getting theirs.  I will be in touch soon!  Stay tuned for more pics for your perusal!

That is all. – Jim


Happy 17 of July! — 150 Comments

  1. I am so enjoying the 2013 Bad Cat Calendar, looking forward to the 2014 one already. Great fun.

    By the way, I had to remember my old login in the old forum to get into here. Glad I remembered old password.

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