Welly welly welly welly welly welly well!

Yes, I stole the title of this post from the master, but no matter. It is the import of the emotion that counts here. It looks like several months have passed since MCHY has had much to say. It is my fault, of course. I have been negligent and if anyone is left visiting the site, here are some nuggets for you:

Happy birthday to us! It has been thirteen years since we first posted pictures of Alex's cats and their destructive power. Now, one and one-third decades later, we have over 5000 naughty kitties collected from around the world. To celebrate, we have a nice bundle of over one hundred new cats for your perusal. Click the pics below to check out the newest kitty updates!

So, what else has been going on since fucking July?

I, he who is called Jim, was given some months off from my gig at AT&T. During that time away I did some traveling and some writing for a new book. More on the book in later posts as things come to fruition on that front.

During my travels, I had the most wonderful opportunity to travel to Albany, NY, to visit with my "new" sister, Kelly. And during that visit, my brother John - who also traveled there - and I whisked away with Kelly and her adorable son, PJ, to meet our birth father. We had not seen him since 1972, the best I can figure. That would be forty-one years for me, and thirty-nine years for John. Without going into details of how this came to be, I can report that it was quite the experience. Our father and his wife, Sheila, were extremely gracious and wow, how fun that weekend was. It was pretty strange talking and watching our progenitor and realizing that we are INDEED his sons. John and I left both in agreement that it was the best weekend we had ever had. I can't wait to see them again. Our family got bigger overnight. Tripppppy, man!

And then I got to Manhattan and met little brother, Michael Edgar. He works at Google and is the extreme nerd… very close to my heart. Even though I am about twenty years older than him, we had a great time talking about technology and his life with dad and Kelly. I wish I had met him earlier, but it did not matter, we still had a good connection. But, fuck, dude, living in Manhattan has got to be stressful. His pad was about the size of my master bedroom in Seattle. But he can walk to work and loves living in Chelsea. I forgot how much I loved Manhattan. If I were the religious sort, prone to belief in mythology, etc., I would thank Jehovah for this opportunity. As it was, I can thank the Internet. Which is sort of like a god, is it not?

Other trips were taken to Beaverton, OR, to hang out with an old MCHY friend. A lot of drinking and other things went down, if you know what I mean. Whoa… TMI! I got a nice suitcase out of it, also! Shows you how good I am ;)

So, Christmas is upon us and all I have to offer you is some great cat pics! I hope this is okay for now. As I always say, I will be more prudent in getting more cats up. We are still working on the super MCHY contest for the XBOX. Stay tuned.

If you are on Facebook, please join our presence there. All the pics are there without the stupid rhetoric I spew here :)

But before we go, a lovely picture of Athena Baxivanos.

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