More new cats.

New cats have arrived!

Yes, it is true!  After much work on the 2016 Bad Cat calendar, I have a plethora of new cats to share with the legion of MCHY followers… that is, if a legion is comprised of a dozen or so crazy cat ladies and one crazy cat guy.  Click on the pics below to get to the latest additions to Gallery 11.

MyCatHatesYoudotcom update

So, it is no secret that the MCHY HQ is now in Issaquah, WA.  We are enjoying the good life with the bear and the deer and the rabbit.  The environment definitely makes a peaceful place to work on an evil cat website.  Maleficent is digging it the most.  She believes she is the Queen Lioness Huntress of Issaquah.  Alas, she is not allowed outside, so she gets to hunt errant flies that sneak into the HQ.  Whatever works, says I.  She needs to have good self esteem.  Here is a recent pic of her after her yearly trip to the vet and the inevitable anal thermometer insertion.  She still hates me for that.  But what else is new?


2016 Bad Cat calendar update

Thank you everyone for the submissions to the 2016 Bad Cat calendar.  We have finished it and it is being edited currently.  When I get the final cut some time later this year, I will know whose kitties made the cut.  Those folks will get a free copy of it (postage paid by MCHY) when they get into my hot hands next September (2015).  Yes it takes that long for some reason.

Random shit

As most of you know, five years ago, on June 23 2009-my 40th birthday-I bailed out of Seattle and drove to Baltimore to try a new start on life.  Exactly two years later (do the math), I discovered how wrong a human can be with their choices and left Baltimore to live in the upstate New York area in an RV before eventually leaving the east coast back to Seattle.  Now three years later (yes, I turned 45 last month), I am happy again and successful in my private and professional life.  But let’s not talk about me.

More importantly, 45 years ago the first human being stepped a foot on another world.  Yeah, it was the moon, but still, another world.  Thank you to Neil (RIP) and Buzz and Mike for being brave and smart and meticulous to prove that the whole is greater than the parts.  So, happy Neil Day to everyone.  I weep.

Football season is nigh!  I am almost finished with my hangover from the Super Bowl, just in time to start on another one for the next six months.  There will be updates here and there on the success of the current World Champion Seattle Seahawks.  The best my friends!

If anyone is still coming around to visit this site, I wish you all the best of health and wealth and hating cats!

That is all.


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