Finally an update!

Yes, an update!

I know that I have not updated the site since last July.  Wow, what a fucker I am!  Well, life gets in the way, so it is said.  I have a pile of new cats to upload very soon.  I meant to get around to that in January, but it did not happen.  I think wine and whiskey got in the way.  Wait.. YES, it DID!  My bad.

In other news, I am still working on the cat sci-fi compilation book.  I wish that I can get it published when it is done.  Honestly, I have never seen a book of this kind ever printed, so I am hopeful that the niche of said genre will be interesting to someone.


The new mascot of MCHY is now three and half years old and she is definitely the queen of the MCHY headquarters.  She is loving her new pad in Issaquah, WA, and spends her time looking out the window at errant crows and Stellar’s Jays wanting to make them her best friend… which means of course, to slay them and leave their young orphans!  See for yourself what she thinks!

The Evil Super Bowl

So, the Super Bowl has come and gone and the champs of last year, the Seattle Seahawks, found a way to blow the game when they were to make history.  This bothered us at MCHY for a few days but we see the future wide open, as the song goes.  We cannot bear to post pictures of the defeat, however, Jim is going to the Super Bowl next year in the stadium known as Levis Stadium in the city of Santa Clara.  He believes that the Seahawks will make it back to the big game and win it all, so he has already set up his funds to get to the game and all that is associated with such an endeavor.  Go Hawks!

The Evil Athena Baxivanos

Funny enough, four years later, fans are still asking me about my adventures with Athena Baxivanos.  They apparently cannot believe that the stories I tell at the taverns and houses of ill repute.  Lest they go to Baltimore and encounter the beast themselves!  I have already told of the drama at any restaurant we went to, Athena Baxivanos and I, where I would be accused of wanting to fuck any and every woman in the joint because I said hi or, heaven forbid, the server at our table was a woman and I might want another drink and therefore was interested in getting the server into bed because she was a female.  Odd, thought I, that I could have designs on every female in the damned city, but that is how Athena Baxivanos saw it in her terribly insecure mind.  If we let that be, I can go in my mind to our time in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Athena Baxivanos had become enamored with her gym trainer by the name of Ben Graff.  He was a penis-less prick who sought shelter in the world of physical enlargement of all muscles.  And he had a hard-on the size of a Gumby doll for Athena Baxivanos.  In the end, this did not serve him well, for she saw him as a bit of a clown, enamored with himself and nothing other.  So, in the evenings, Athena Baxivanos would take off for her two-hour training session with Ben Graff.  But in some twisted part of her mind she figured that she would get so turned on by their time together that she would want to come him to me for a bit of the old in-out.  And she would make this clear to me in no uncertain terms.  “Jim,” she would say, “when I get home from the gym let us get frisky in the bed!”

I certainly would entertain this prospect as she was the controller of the sex between us and when I could get it, I was more than interested.

So one night she said, before she left to spend two hours with dick-less, that when she got home we would have a good time in bed.  As was usual for me at the time, I sat on the balcony and drank the wine and smoked and thought about worlds other than my own until she got home.

Then she arrived from the gym and grabbed a glass of wine and joined me on the balcony overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound.  I asked how her workout was and how was dick-less and within the minute she accused me of being a sex addict and pressuring her into fucking.  Now, it must be said that I mentioned nothing to her about intercourse, but only inquired into her evening’s adventures.  Yet she set about her usual berating of me for all things possible and said that all I wanted from her was sex.

But Athena!  You were the one who set up the evening thusly!  I shut my trap and let her drink her wine which only fueled her mania.  After about an hour of listening to Athena Baxivanos tell me all that was wrong with me and my past and my entire life she surprised me with the question, “Can you even get an erection?”

Now it must be said that this was a particular query to the moment and not to a usual situation.  She knew on all accounts that I could get an erection, but this was a power play to say to me: okay I want to fuck, but I am not going to do it on YOUR terms, but on MINE.  So, by again berating my ability to be up to the challenge, she becomes the winner in the game if I am able to satisfy her.

I replied in the positive.  “Of course I can.”

“Be in the bedroom in five minutes,” says her.  And she left the balcony.

I smoked again and drank the wine and went to the bedroom.  And there she was, Athena Baxivanos, still dressed except for her workout shorts pulled down to her ankles and herself bent over the bed offering it to me.  So I got behind her and gave her what I had.  She was not into the moment, but into the control of the moment and constantly directed the experience like Shakespeare of old.  Finally she, Athena Baxivanos, declared that I must orgasm now and be done because I had been drinking too much.  And I did, yes, and yes perhaps I had.  And she was left to clean herself up as I had already moved to the bed itself and lay on my back and was contemplating the future.


That is all.



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