23 more bastardos!

At last… the bastardos!

Now it may be said, yes it may, that bastardos is a bad bad word.  But here at MCHY, we think of it as a term of endearment.  While it is true that not all cats are bastardos, certainly many, many of them are.  Especially those born in the wild… feral we may call them.  The world of the cat is a tough one at certain times; birthday parties, family get-togethers, Hanukkah.  But there is especially one day of the year that takes the wind out of a proud cat’s sails.  It is the day that Athena Baxivanos called “the most confusing day in Baltimore,” and that would be Father’s Day.

While Athena Baxivanos’ view is one coming strictly from her racist worldview, ours comes from the jump-pump-dump worldview of most Toms in the wild.  I guess you could put orangutans in there as well, they seem quite the randy specie!

To that end, or the end of all ends, and so forth, we have immortalized another couple dozen for your bewildering and besmirching pleasure.  As usual, there are six chosen from this lot for instant perusal, and clicking on any of them will link to the entirety of MCHY Gallery Eleven!

Enjoy, hortos!

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