Happy Jew Year!

Are you ready?

It is already 2016?  What happened my honkies?  Well, the new 2016 Bad Cat calendar is out and ready to be bought! Have you not bought one yet? It sits on the shelf at your local Wal*Mart waiting for your shekels!

So, last month, we celebrated our fifteenth year on the web. Yes, the FIRST feline humor site is finally going through the puberty. Take that Cheezburgerz–appropriators of other’s content! How did we celebrate? Well, we moved to Arizona to retire and play golf for the rest of the known universe. A very interesting sport, golf. As my coach says, “Jim, there is nothing better than sitting amidst the beauty of Mother Nature, admiring all that she has given us, the trees, the birds, the water… and then completely fuck it all up by playing golf.” I second his motion. And have found that patience is not only a virtue, it is imperative to the game as is a nice bottle of the brown juice. I also found that searching for your ball amidst a small grove of cacti can necessitate more of the brown juice. Fucking Arizona! But what skies!

So, I have a batch of 200+ new kitties to present, but in the interest of waiting a fucking full year to post another batch, I am going to split them up into small groups of perhaps 10 or so to post each week. You see below some of the initial offering of 43, with the rest to follow in the next few months. Dig ’em the most, honkies!

Do you have your drink on? Good… now watch some Ween! Great fucking show!

Well, the Seahawks did not get past the devils from Carolina in the playoffs, but neither did the Cardinals of Arizone. Yes, Arizone… which is apparently how you say it here after a few tequilas. John McCain country, folks, verily. So The Bigger of two Mannings is going for it. I wish him luck. It is good to see him back in the big game after the destruction he felt two years ago.

More to come, oh brothers and sisters of evolution. For now…

That is all.


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