Fare thee well, Brothers Ween.

Before I get into the broken-promise part of this day’s bloggie post – where I talk about NON-CAT stuff I said I would not – on the sidebar is a vid of Maleficent I made as soon as I got home from work today. She is always waiting… FOR FOOD! Little beyotch.

I am going against my earlier promise of CAT-ONLY posts with this one only because it is so important, so please skip it if you are a neo-centrist non-committal Ween-Hater.

When Jerry died on Aug 9 1995, I was bumming pretty bad. I had just seen the boys play not too long before and was looking forward to the next tour. But all things must pass.

Earlier this week Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) broke the news that after 25 years he is retiring from his bizarrely successful band, Ween. This does not just bum me out, it sort of pisses me off. For mostly selfish reasons, I admit. I have been along on the trip with them for most of those 25 years and they rank as one of my top five favorite groups of all time.

Before you laugh and ask me “what about Zep, man?” dig the fact that I understand their music WAY more than I should probably admit, number one. Number two, they are my age (within a few months) and came onto the “demo tape scene” around the same time I started playing music live in Los Angeles with various groups, so I could posit that I sort of grew musically along with Aaron and Mickey. I could relate to their evolution, experimentation, and general digging it the most. Each album would introduce me to where they have been and what they have been doing since I heard from them last (on tape or live). (also – Zeppelin sort of blows)

Their concerts were amazing mixtures of solid music, stage antics, genuine vocal performances, emotional renditions, et cetera. They always stayed true to their roots and kept some of their weirdest shit in their touring repertoire for the weirdos like me and that dude twenty rows down dancing with the mannequin head during Buenos Tardes Amigo (Seattle – Key Arena – Aug 2001). It is these things I will miss. It is like Aaron says:

“Most of our fans seem to be very intelligent people who don’t stand out too much, but they’re still total freaks. I like that – they’re smart and sadistic, which I think is a reflection at us.”

I know Aaron has been through a hell of a lot with the band, including the nasty divorce and the drugs and the drugs and well, you get it. I can see the  stress of doing the same thing for 25 years wearing someone out. Especially music, which is such a subjective, selfish art. Apparently, Deaner Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) didn’t even know they had broken up, so that shows where Aaron’s head is at these days. He has his own projects and shit like that he wants to develop, so we at MCHY wish him the best of luck and I will still love him like my brother. And Mickey, too with whom I had a brief email buddy-ship in the late 90’s.

Time will tell what happens with the boys, but I am sure gonna miss seeing them live and anticipating a new album every THREE years. I finally tossed my copy of their The Pod demo from ’90? only last year when I moved to Florida.

Kinda wish I hadn’t.

Happy Day of Memory!

Got some new cats up for the Day of Memory! Click on the cute kitty pics to your left


to see the latest uploads. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder WHO IS GEORGE? and WHY IS HIS CAT IN A DRAWER?

Why is ANY cat in a drawer? My cat lives wherever the hell it pleases and if I don’t like it, it slashes at my face, neck, hands, and scrotum. Here is something I do not get as well. The cat meows all the damned time, if it is not sleeping. It sits and just meows and meows. I play with it, yes. I give it plenty of food, yes. I let it outside to play with the bald eagles, yes. She has her own damned hot air balloon for Christ’s sake and yet she meows.

In my DREAMS, she meows. She interrupts me as I am trying to fight dragons with sword. Must I have ear plugs in order to let my mind conjure its wickedness upon me?

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Finally got the damned contest up.

Well, the first one, two, three. This is something we used to do in the old forums and it was pretty fun. At least *I* had fun racking people’s brains for the names of obscure statues in bombed-out villages in Serbia.

Some more of those are to come when I get time to THINK. Usually, they are a string of clues pointing to a discrete answer. The job of the contestant is to find the answer and show their work. Sometimes a group effort is involved and then there is a group sex! I mean prize… a group prize. Which could be sex, I suppose.

The first one, posted in the forum for Contests, is a little bit of creative fun for those who have a pencil, paper, and some kind of imaging device. Yes, a phone-camera counts. Go check it out if you have some spare cycles (time for you non-nerds).

Yes, I did move some things around on the site, trying to finalize the layout with maximum efficiency as the goal. And extra ways for you to get lost trying to see cat pictures!

And now, a word from Prod Legaspi.

All cats, only cats…

From now on, all cats, only cats. Part of the New Way at MCHY.

I posted a video of Mal meowing. Don’t ask why. This is a cat site, so it is about cats. All cats. Only cats.

Posted twenny sumpin new cats so check them out. Please see link in the sidebar as I am too lazy to put an A HREF inline here. Mua ha ha and stuff.

that is all


Part Two of the MCHY Pröd Legaspi Interview.

Hullo all!

Yours truly has finally got down to business of editing the 2/2 of the interview with our very special guest, Pröd Legaspi. Click below to watch the wisdom exude from this very holy teacher.

Interview with Pröd Legaspi

Here is a pic of the Master and I in my abode.

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It is calendar time again, which means I got 100+ pages of 2014 feline madness to create by the middle of next month (that is June in case you are blind.) I need your pics ASAP to fill the vacant spaces in my mind. Check out the Forums for more info.

Ah-So! There will be another batch of kitties coming out tomorrow, so come around evening time. While the fam is chowing down on burnt offerings, grab a box of Kleenex and visit us. We look at you. Forward to it. We look forward to you. Looking at us. You. Look.