If you have time to waste…

Before I get to new kitties, I hadda go through 500+ feedbacks. Check the Litterbox for at least 50 new additions. You will cry, you will laugh. There are the usual happy good job Jim ones, but some classic examples of why this site is not the walk in the park it may seem to be.

So far, this year has brought massive rain and snow and flooding to my beloved Northwest. Which is why I am on the fast track OUT OF HERE within the month. Expect a LARGE batch of new, very poignant and hilarious cats before then. No holds barred! According to the Litterbox entries, I can’t make fun of anything except a cat sitting on a couch, so… it will be a labor of love.

Who am I kidding. The new cats will be as irreverent as always, hating you, me, Obama, Stephen Hawking, Britney, Carl Sagan, Joan d’Arc, The Great Gazoo, The Pet Rock, Kid Rock, Chris Rock, Hard Rock, Sinbad’s Roc, Rock of Ages, the IRS, the IRA and so much more.

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Smoked any crystal meth yet? The way I look at it… if I resolve not to drink booze anymore, I can still lick toads and sniff Liquid Paper. Hey, that is not a family friendly thing to say!

Much love to ALL of you. And I do mean ALL.