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Submit Your Cat.
We always need new evil kitties to share with the world, and would love to include yours in our next update. Though it is hard to always capture the essence of feline maleficence with mere "film", we appreciate ANY attempt to do so, and are especially fond of high-res, in-focus digital images.

With regards to the use of any submissions in Bad Cat Page-a-Day™ calendars, we find the higher quality the image, the better, obviously. This doesn't mean 300dpi per se, but for color printing, lots of information is preferred and makes any editing much easier. While we don't pay cash money for any submissions, if your image is used in one of the calendars, we will contact you and provide you with one of the finished products.

Send Us Feedback.
Are you pissed the fuck off about all the cursing on MCHY? Send us an email letting us know! You can also send questions, criticisms, kudos, viruses, candid photos, lamentations, etc.

** Legal Stuff **

By submitting an image to us via email, teleportation, etc., you agree to give the right to use and allow others to use the image in any way we choose. This may include, but is not limited to, reproduction on the World Wide Web, print in book or magazine form, retransmission via email, and distribution on CD-ROM or DVD. You also agree that you have no implicit right to financial compensation from our use of the image. If you don't like this, please do not send us anything.

** Privacy Stuff **

The email address from which you submit feedback, cat images, or anything else, will never be sold, given away, or even dangled as the proverbial carrot to any third parties. We are staunch opponents of spammers and their anti-social behaviours. That being said, you MAY get an email from us in the future. Why? I don't know, but it is a possibility.