From Diane   28 Apr 2012

Let me just preface this email by saying these comments are seriously from the heart. When someone comes up with something great, I do all I can to help by talking it up and making sure other people know about it. Having said that, I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am. I have your book “Bad Cats” which is a total riot and I love, love, LOVE it. I was thinking there would be more of the same on your site and then I was, well, shocked to find swearing, offensive language on some of the captions for the April cats.

What is up with THAT?! Why in the name of everything furry would you think that would be welcome? Or funny? Big newsflash: it isn’t funny. And it isn’t necessary. When you’re marketing something to the public on a website, it would be a wiser decision to have content on it that everyone can enjoy … of all ages. Because you’ve already eliminated about 18 people I was going to tell about you who don’t appreciate that kind of language either…and two of them are in their 20’s!

C’mon man….clean up your act. You had a great thing going with your book. Don’t blow it. Hoping you give this some serious thought… Diane.

From Amanda   20 Apr 2012

Congrats on your new family addition. She is beautiful! I have had two rex’s (Cornish) in my cat ownings and I love their personalities. Please keep up the great work. Your website, calendar, and books give me great pleasure. – Amanda

From Jason   15 Apr 2012

Keep the vulgarities!!! It’s your site!!! If no body likes swearing, then they shouldn’t be at your site. It’s like a t.v. show or movie: if you don’t like it, don’t watch it!!! Not like some one is holding a gun to their heads (yet) to go to your site! How rediculous people request “no vulgarities please”! Hey, guess what: I hate Lady GaGa, and you won’t see me watching or listening to him/her!!! Duh!!!!

Thanks, Jason – Milwaukee, WI

From Sarah   15 Feb 2012

You know…you should totally tell your cats about the Athena incident. After rulers of the Seventh Catcentric Circle of Hell they could arrange something fitting for a lady of her stature… hee hee!

Still visiting the sites and am still owned by six little demons. Jim keep on keepin on and don’t ever change. Unless the cats tell you too…I wouldn’t risk disobendience…

Snoochie Boochies!

From anonymous   15 Feb 2012

Attention Sole Beneficiary,

You must send to him $195usd to reactivate your fund payment file that has expired and require to be reactivating to enable you pick up your first payment and receive all your fund as schedule.

We have concluded to effect your payment of $2.8 Million, through western union, but the maximum amount you will be receiving each day starting from tomorrow is $10,000.00 daily until the funds is completely transferred.

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Also forward to them your Full Name:…,Address:….,Tel:…,City:…Country:….,Copy Of Your Identity Card to avoid Impostor.

Thank You.

Mr. Martin Kume.

From Lady USA   21 Jan 2012

i would love to read your cat pics but the words are so vulgar. You will lose a lot of mone because of this. “F*** , blow job

They may be a little on the “salty” side, but that particular caption was done by one of the MCHY members. This has long been a debate between visitors to the website. Do we make it “Wal*Mart” friendly or do we really get into what the cat may be thinking. Because the site is anthropomorphic in nature, we decided to let the cats speak for themselves. Sorry if this offends you, but it is called My Cat Hates You, not My Cat Is Cozy And Warm.


From Dan   21 Jan 2012

I’ve just read Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s “Christmas Cats.”

Your story, “Vincent” was great! Just the sort of cat literature I love. Was that all there is? It was simply too good a concept to leave undeveloped. I’ve searched the Internet for more with no success. Please tell me if I have just missed it.

Since that was published, I have not expounded on the story, BUT I am working on a collection of feline fiction I hope to have finished by the end of summer. Mostly sci-fi or just fi.
– Jim

From Becky & Denise   19 Feb 2011

Do you have any clue what it is like to be driving down the road laughing your ass off and trying not to pee your pants and find a restroom.

After a year an half of drama that never ends, we decided to take a mini vacaton. On this trip we found a couple of your books. I promise you i cant remember laughing and giggling so much in forever. For whatever reason you decided to start your site and those books keep it up. I currently have quite a few sick friends and family and will be purchasing alot of those books.

Respectfully Becky and Denise

From Kris   19 Feb 2011


Back in Dec 2004 I submitted a photo of my cat Jarvis to your site.

A friend had picked up your bad cat a day calendar in 2006 and squealed in the store because she recognized the cat on the back cover as Jarvis and immediately told me about it. I never picked up a copy of the calendar but I was thrilled in knowing he was there.

This past week I had to put Jarvis down after 15 years and started looking through old photos and was reminded of that moment.

It makes me happy to see a little piece of immortality for my fat guy.

Thank you,


From Joyce W.   19 Feb 2011

Greetings, I have just discovered your site and I really enjoy the photos and some of the captions. I purchased the book, bad cat, and have laughed and laughed. Without looking at all the captions online, I posted this to my face book for my friends to enjoy but then I saw the f@$% word and will probably take the post down. Also you need to remember that young children may look at the site. I’m an old lady who is owned by a nineteen year old Maine Coon cat but I am certainly not a prude. I just feel that our culture has accepted too much vulgarity and it adds to the crudeness we all are subject to on a daily basis.

Again, I want to stress that I have really enjoyed your efforts but please accept my suggestion and omit the vulgarities.



From Janet A.   19 Feb 2011


As the owner of a black cat, I must inform you of my impressions of Damien, a.k.a. Nigel.

1) He appears to be a mama’s boy.

2) He appears to be a plotter of evil. Of the highest order.

Just thought you should know. Black cats are cheeky and they rule! And with Maltida, what a lovely pair they make.

Someone will be getting me my 2011 Bad Cat Wall Calendar and I can’t wait!


From Kathy   08 Jan 2009


Apparently, you have taken someone’s MySpace photo and used it without permission for your calendar. The cat is “S****” .

Anyway. the owner of this cat (*** ******) is mentally unstable and she has severe Bi-Polar Disorder and a few other psychiatric disorders that cause her to have mental breakdowns often. She is having a FIT about this and she wants to sue you. She is asking for advise and seeking legal help on a cat lover’s forum on MySpace. Other members are gathering legal advise for her right now as I am writing this email to you. She says that she feels “very violated” and she is really acting weird about this whole thing. She insists that she never submitted her cat’s photo to you.

Please remove her cats’ picture before she takes you to court. She insists that she did not give you permission and she is saying that you even copywrited her photo.

Thank You

This all got resolved months or maybe a year ago, but the fiasco that was caused by this person willfully submitting their cat to MCHY and then forgetting about it and then going around raising a fucking tempest on MySpace forums about MCHY’s corrupt regime, etc, was just TOO much. It was fun at first, but then we realized that this person was severely not well and it became a big hassle. Then after threatening to sue us and all this shit, they were pissed at ME when I went on the MySpace forum and vehemently defended myself. It was all, “OH.. leave the poor woman alone, you are traumatizing her.” Fuck man… you threaten to sue ME and *I* am the one traumatizing? Au contraire.

– Jim

From Copernicus   08 Jan 2009


Let’s get real. The public does not have the ability to pull of such humorous captions as the ones found early on in the MCHY archives, and in Bad Cat. Your captions are what make the site. Don’t let these idiots ruin something glorious. Please – I’m begging you – write the captions yourself.


From Amanda   08 Jan 2009

Just had to send my kudos. I love “bad cat”! Your page-a-day calendar gives me a chuckle everyday (and has for years as I always get a new to replace the old). I also spread the joy as I give your calendars as gifts.

Your web site is great too, just don’t have the time to get to it as often as I’d like.

I agree with what others have said….the pictures are great, but it is your creativity with the captions as well as the “hobbies”, etc. that go along with them that makes everything so enjoyable.

At one point in time you were thinking of doing a second “Bad Cat” book. Did that ever materialize? I keep checking for it, but haven’t seen it yet.

Have you already selected all the cats for the 2009 calendar? Would love to add my cat to the gazillion photos you have to choose from. Although she isn’t doing anything funny, the expression on her face is shear disgust at something (probably me).

Take care and keep up the great work. Would miss the “Bad Cat” if it ever disappeared.

Amanda Lawrence

From John   08 Jan 2009

i has a cat to evil little fucker anyway you site is awsomei was at work and i almost shat my self from laffin so hard

From Robin   08 Jan 2009

Hey Jim,

I just wanted to tell you that I — and I’m sure many, many other people “out there” — support your right to do and say whatever you want on YOUR website. Your cat captions are hilarious, and if folks have a problem with your politics … well, there are plenty of other websites with funny cat pictures to look at.

I’ve never understood the concept of people berating website owners for what’s on a site. Just … go away! 🙂 I mean … um, the site is called “My Cat HATES You.” And the books are called “BAD Cats.” I’m not sure what people think they’re getting…

Anyway, keep up the great work.


From D Ivanoff   08 Jan 2009

I am on a mailing list for music teachers. On an
on-topic discussion regarding health insurance, I
expressed a desire for universal health
insurance/health care in the USA. I was jumped on for
bringing my political (liberal) biases on the
discussion list. However, plenty of people post
personal prayer requests, requests to pray for the
success of the war in Iraq, e-mails expressing God’s
intervention as a statement of fact, Bible verses,
etc., and the one time I protested and said I would
rather not read all that religious indoctrination and
preaching in a list that was supposed to deal with
music teaching, I again was shot down with the
statement “If you don’t like it, delete it.”

Hmm, writing all this out has given me the motivation
to explain to the moderators why I am leaving the
lists, and unsubscribing.

P.S. I love the cats.

I see that same dichotomy on my forums. The users there are from all parts of the spectrum; Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, Repubs, Dems, Indies, etc. We have learned to get along and respect each other and try not to poke the buttons we don’t have to poke. There are a lot of requests for good energy, prayers, etc. We abide. Cyberspace is fantastic for the ability to pull people together. We should use it as such. But please ignore my liberal ramblings. At least I am not Ayn Rand!

– Jim

From Barbie   08 Jan 2009

Great just great. I go to this fucking cat site for a few laughs from reading my old friend’s Cat-page and I get a veggie-guitar-playing-erotic-space-man-writing-earth-loving-Buddhist kowtowing to a bunch of idiotic Republicans who are cat happy.
Just great.



I love Republicans as we all should. Without them, we would still have slavery most likely. Go Abe!

– Jim

From Carol   08 Jan 2009

Love the pics, the captions…I was given the book as a gift…love it all!

What I am not so keen on is the language and subject matter on the home page….wow! I realize that it’s your blog, and it’s not that I don’t drop the F-bomb myself, but geez…do I really need to tune in to look at miffed kitties and then end up reading something about Jeter swallowing?

Other than that, love the site.

I dig it all the most. I really can’t help the fact that Jeter swallows any more than I can cause the sun to rise in the West. Wow, how cool would that be? The sun rising in the West. It would certainly warm up my house a little bit more.

– Jim

From Holly   08 Jan 2009

My cat hates you because I like your website!

I have to say, I absolutely love your website. I almost gagged on my water countless times laughing. And my cat just kept looking up, and after looking at your website, I think that living with four cats isn’t a very good idea.

Keep up the good work, I might submit one of my cats one day!

Much love <3 -Crypto

From Sarah   08 Jan 2009


There’s something called a mouse people. No I don’t mean the small furry creature belonging to the family rodentia. It’s an electronic device that allows you to operate your computer and (gasp)! Change websites!!! If you don’t like what is said then go somewhere else. This site is obviously not kid friendly ( MANY praises to the great Bast for that!!!!) and neither is the merchandise. By the way you can’t shield your kids from everything and if you don’t want them to see inappropriate language don’t buy it.

Personally you people suck. It has never been said dissenting opinions aren’t welcome here that I have ever seen. Your all jealous and cowardly for not having the cajones to post your own views on your own website. Most of you would cry like little babies if you endured the flack that gets posted here.

One last thing. The cats have a dark side. It’s dark humor. If you don’t like it then don’t look. But please don’t stand up you’re your hypocritical little soapboxes and lambast it because guess what. Your own dark and dirty little thoughts make the captions look like Dr. Seuss rhymes. It’s humor. And personally to you Jim…I think you ROCK!!! I love the kitties, I love the offensive pics, I love the offensice articles. It’s funny, it’s makes me irritated (rarely), most of the time I laugh so hard I feel like I want to pee, but it ALWAYS makes me feel engaged.

Blessings from Bast to all,


From Becky   08 Jan 2009

I’m a TOTAL cat lover – but am well aware of all the faults these little tyrants possess. The photos & captions on your site really provide a valuable service……when I’m feeling kinda crummy about life in general – I have your site in my ‘favorites’…..& in no time I’m laughing ’til tears run down my cheeks.

I can’t thank you enough…’re hilarious….the pictures alone are priceless, but the captions – really marvelous!!! I can’t even get through the A’s before I’m helpless with laughter.

Many thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.


From Michelle   08 Jan 2009

Hi Jim,

I’m sure you get sick of all the adoration and gushing from fans, so instead of going on and on about how much I loved the book and my friends love the site I’ll just pass on a sentiment I thought you’d appreciate.

I found this on a button in a Waterloo, Ontario shop and immediately purchased it for my upcoming date with the INS:

“Would somebody please give Bush a blow job already so we can impeach him”

Thought you might likey. I’m all about giving back.


From Bethany   08 Jan 2009

I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I also have a book from you and it cracks me up everytime I look at it. Yes, I just sent a pic. I hope you like it. I call it “Hung over Cat” or for my spanish friends “El Gato Borracho” I also like your sense of criticism about the privacy stuff such as: or even dangled as the proverbial carrot to any third parties.

really awesome.
keep up the good work! 🙂

From Safuhler   08 Jan 2009

Two years ago, I thought this site was hilarious. I even bought the book. Now, it seems to be vulgar and mean. I’m done.

From Laura   08 Jan 2009


I am a loyal fan of your site and your book. I visited LOLCAT and the site SUCKS! I find it really annoying that they use “text-talk,” and it is not nearly as funny as your site. Don’t ever stop what you are doing. Your fans know high-quality comedy when they see it. I should know. I’m one of them.

All the best to you!

Laura B

From A J Delar   08 Jan 2009

Just took a look at lolcats. PHHHHFFFFFFFT!!!

From Vassilissa   08 Jan 2009

Grow up! get a clue and stop your stupid pullshit! Get a grip on life, it is not always as you plan! yet if you just stop being an asshole! you just might see the power of God! the sight was supose tobe about cats. Yes there are peolpe who are cats! you James are actting like an asshole! Just because you are smart, does not mean you have to put your points in others! Grow up! Smarted up! And shut up!


From Mary Kay   08 Jan 2009

hello Jim,

I have read your post about tough actin’ Tinactin.

I feel your pain because I burned off a layer of skin in the oven today. I saw the sizzle on the coil before I felt the pain and saw the redness on my knuckle.

Oh by the way, I have often thought that if I were a man, yes, I would visit roadside pit toilets and isolated parks in hopes of getting a free blow job. That’s how it’s done out here in the Midwest, you know.

You men!

Alas, I am a 45-year-old lesbian in a long-term relationship, which means, i never get any. I hate the U-Haul company! It brought this woman into my life!

Did I tell you I love your site? And that my cat hates you?

Let the blow jobs flow!

good night

and I know who mutilated my liver

— The Cat Lady Ate My Pussy But Not Recently

From Maharet   08 Jan 2009

I’m exhausted! It’s 11 pm and I’m at work in 5 hrs. My husband asked me to jump on this site 30 minutes ago and I haven’t been able to stop laughing since. How the hell I’m typing is beyond me. I can’ barely see straight! Such funny pictures…the captions really capture the kitty moments. I can’t wait to submit one of my own and I’m getting the damn calendar!!!


I’m fucking dying! Holy crap, I hope I can say that. LMAO!

Thanks for the laugh. I’ll be visiting again soon, but next time I’m going to the bathroom first. I think I peed a little. :O


From Mitchell   08 Jan 2009

I like your political rants. Far too many people in your country seem to have the attitude that it is wrong to question the way things are, so it is refreshing to find someone who isn’t. That, and they’re funny, so please continue with the ranting.

– Mitchell, Australia

From Susan S.   08 Jan 2009

Hi Jim!

Been checking out your site for the past six years. I will vote for you as president because you sure as hell can’t be any worse than the moron we have!

Yes, Mr. Stupid just called up my son to serve in Iraq. The cats and I are pissed off. That means one less person to scratch them under their chins and on their backs. They keep looking at me and thinking “where the hell is this a@@hole’s desk so we can leave a message!?” I just say “sorry boys, can’t help you with this one.”

Jim keep up the great work displaying our feline friends. Personally, I think the obscene expletives add to the pictures. After all, English is not a polite language. English hunts you down in dark alleys, beats you up, steals your wallet and rapes your dog. Deal.

Hugs and kisses,
Susan S

From Jeanette   08 Jan 2009

You go, Jeem!

Fuck those moron’s if they don’t care about the world they’re living in. Pictures of cats, yes, but reality too. I read your rants when you post them, I agree whole heartedly, and Bush and his little cronies have got to go. Next year just isn’t soon enough.

Be well,


From Brian   08 Jan 2009

OMG OMG OMG this site is HILARIOUS i almost fell out of my chair. and, MY CAT was attacking the computer screen, trying to get at the other cats.

From Diane   08 Jan 2009

Jim, you are one brilliant man. Thank you once again for making me cry
with laughter.


From RD Wilder   07 Jan 2009

Dude — I know this is YOUR site, so you can pretty much do whatever you damn well please. But seriously — political rhetoric??? If I wanted to start my day with a reminder of how fucked up our world is, my homepage wouldn’t be freakin’

I know, I am a total asshole for having an opinion. But seriously, I am an asshole and I have been TRYING to keep anything that may cause people’s heads to explode with the severity of reality out of my news, etc. See… don’t ever say… EVER SAY I have not done anything for you.

– Jim

From Maureen   07 Jan 2009

Jim –

I’m curious, do you write all the funny captions
jon the site (and in the Bad Cat book) yourself?
Thanks, Maureen

Simply, no. However, *I* do take all the abuse for everything people don’t like. Luckily, God has given me the strength to get past it and move toward a better day!

– Jim

From Fletcher Schneeflock   07 Jan 2009

Actually, Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet, you homophobe.

Moi? A homophobe? My friends, because I do not engage in the daily loving of my fellow man, does not make me that word!

From anonymous   07 Jan 2009

Some of the cats are amusing, but a few look
positively unwell. One needs serious dental work, and
clearly suffers from stomatitis. Honestly, too many
of the photos were disturbing and probably were
reflections of ignorant and possibly neglectful owners
who believe their cat’s odd look or behavior is a cute
little quirk, not a sign of pain or illness. You
really should have rejected some of these photos and
sent the owners a harsh note.

Unlike Hollywood, MCHY does not only go for ‘the beautiful’ cats. We think all cats should be represented. Look at it this way; they (hospital powers that be) let me live when I was born, and this was in the 60’s mind you. For that, I feel a certain loyalty to all thinks depraved, demented, defective, degenerate, etc. Maybe not to Jeff Dahmer, but still. I think the point has been made. Allahu Akbar, oh my brother.

– Jim

From anonymous   07 Jan 2009

Hi, Just looked at your latest selection of cats and was sad to see a cat called Diva with a tag joke about the killing of Jon B. I think this is horrid; there must be better tags to use then take the mick of a child’s killing. I have up to now enjoyed this web site. You are better then this, also why so much swearing? I have your calendar at home and my kids love seeing each new cat, but I can not show them the web site for all the foul words. You have a great site; just think about what tags you use and the words you use.

Maybe I have mental illness. Sorry.

From anonymous   07 Jan 2009

Hey Jim

Your site is way cool. I can’t believe some of the bull-ish that I’ve read regarding the “March 7 2008” incident.
Lighten up people! and while your at it, GET-A-LIFE!
From the one post: “I am not going to explain to my 10 year old what that means much less approve of alternative lifestyle being acceptable…”
Hey! My son is 11 and very much understands what-that-means and very much understands alternative lifestyle IS acceptable AND that an individual has the right to choose how they live their lives. (because he was raised by smart little old me!)
I love the pics and the captions and keep on truckin’ Jim because you are good at what YOU do!!

A fan–Catherine

From anonymous   07 Jan 2009

Well, I ordered a “Killer Pussy” t-shirt from you…………….AND I LOOOOOVE IT!!
It is the most awesome shirt ever. I live in Arkansas and you guys wrote on the envelope, “MCHY loves Bill Clinton!” This is true at my house as well. He was and is great.
Well, just wanted u to know that you are wonderful. I love your site!!

Keep on rockin’.


On my most recent round of bills I sent out to various agencies, I wrote under the word America (in Bank of America) the words ‘FUCK YEAH!’ on my checks. You gotta write shit, Jennifer!

– Jim

From Shirleen   07 Jan 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs. Have been visiting your site for a few years now on and off. Am having health issues right at the moment and am grateful for every laugh I get. You are a smart man, mister, and hope to get your book one of these days. Thanks again. Have a great one.


From Elizabeth   07 Jan 2009

i would just like to say that anyone who has negative comments about this site or calendar has no sense of humor and should be forbidden to own cats. i for one love this stuff and cant get enough of it. i made a collage at work of past calendars from my own purchases. keep on meowing!!!


Thank you!!

From Lou   07 Jan 2009

Hi, thanks for including our cat on your website – we were very happy to see that he hates everyone enough to make the cut!

Just one problem though – our cat has been labelled as ‘Zappa’ but his name is ‘Snake’.

I hope you can fix this when you get a chance – we would really appreciate it – then we can send the link to all our friends so they can see Snake on your website.

Thanks, Louise & Aaron

I probably won’t be fixing that as… I won’t even remember sending this email tomorrow.

– Jim

From Emmy   07 Jan 2009

Well, as a cat lover, I found your website (and subsequent booklets) to bequite humorous. However, I am not going to be subject to your political views, so you’ve lost an ardent fan!

It’s too bad you decided to use this site – and not a blog, where it belongs – for your political agenda.

My agenda… the big secret Masonic mystery is not lost on you, I see.

My agenda… my desire to rule the known world… to convert those
lost in the mire of sub-Christianity to the wholesome way of The Times.

My agenda… that all men-children should dance about naked under the glare of their fore-fathers.

Whatever. Go play at IcAnhAZCheeZBurGers.cOM

Why couldn’t your name have been La eMe, then we could have shared prison talk straight out of Tracy, CA!

– Jim

From Kira   07 Jan 2009

where the bad dog website? Cant find it ;(

W T F ! ?

From Tonya   07 Jan 2009

After reading all the hate mail in the litter box I wanted to point out that I am as big a republican as they come and I still love the cats. Sure some comments are one sided or dumb but you can’t please all all the time! for the most part I think the captions are hilarious . I get the irony and what you are getting at. I have never seen one that didn’t make sense to me and I do live in the hills. (although I do have all my teeth)

What people need to understand is the captions are from the CATS point of view, not Jims so even if a bit inappropriate the gay marriage thing I can totally see fitting a cat situation. Cats don’t care! (al though I have found dogs to be more on the gay rights ticket)

And MORESO, they should understand that this site is all about the sarcasm and the petulant, fractious feline. The CATS are speaking, yes, I just put ideas in their heads, yes. But I am not using them to push my hard-left, kill all the fetuses and take away the guns agenda. (I am actually pro-life AND pro-gun) If one of them looks like Cheney, hey, here comes the Cheney joke. Blagojevich is my next target, btw. And possibly Bill Richardson, though I really like him personally.

You are correct, dogs tend toward gay marriage I think more than cats. And whatever you call humping-my-leg marriage. Congrats on having all your teeth, btw!

– Jim

From Shawne   07 Jan 2009

I was just in the Litterbox at MCHY, and I was shocked that people felt they needed to complain about a calendar- in JULY, no less… Or worse, bitch about the content of a free website… Fascinating!

Love the Bad Cat stuff! Keep it comin’!

From Melissa   07 Jan 2009

I have your book. I thought it was funny, better than those lolcat atrocities.
When I saw you were from Seattle (I live in Tacoma/Lakewood) and you said ‘right-wing’ in your book I thought, “Oh, man. Another anti-conservative seattle-ite”.

Visited your site, and yup, I’m right. LOL Especially the messes you guys post in your forum. Wow, Jim, that’s some kind of hateful vitriol your cyber-friends post. I really don’t get the left.

Even though my preferred candidate didn’t win (okay, let’s be honest. My preferred candidate didn’t get to run) I pray for BO and hope he makes wise decisions that are in the best interest of all Americans.
I had considered showing him the same amount of respect and loyalty the left has shown Pres. Bush all these years but in good Christian conscience can’t do that.

Anyway, love the site. The photos and captions just crack me up. I’ll just stay well away from those forums and pretend they don’t exist. ; )

I would pray for Dubya, were I you (or me), because his soul is going to have some ‘splaining to do.

From Janet   07 Jan 2009

Is that Jim, the owner of the website My Cat Hates You, with 2 cats of his

What beautiful markings on these tabbies (they look like tabbies).

Oh yes she is the new Britney!!

I look forward to my bad cat 2009 wall calendar that I ask for and receive
each year. Every month I look at it and laugh, in fact when I need a laugh I look it!
bad bad kitties.

I have a black short hair domestic who loves to boss me around and demand
foot and chit chat all the time!

Thanks! Janet

Yeah, that is me with my white trash mustache and my roommate’s kittens. Of course, now they are big and evil! They attack me all the day whilst I am working. One of them just sits at the top of the stairs and watches everything. Very creepy.

You see?!

– Jim

From Mary   07 Jan 2009

Hi Jim,

You do realize that on your 12/11 post you wrote “booby and the midnights”? hee hee. You said booby! I laughed. (ahem) I do miss going to Dead shows!! Now I just want to hear “Eyes of the World”!

Now what’s this about you coming to a town near me (NYC?!) for vacation? In NY it’s all about the tourism. Will I finally be able to have that beer with you?! (please don’t come here the week I’m away though – 1/10 – 1/17).

Your fan (one of many minions),

I totally didn’t realize that. I was probably encrusted in some tavern somewhere when I wrote that. Boobie and the Midnights. Well, holy shit, if the Dead are NOT touring this year! You may get EOTW after all! And maybe a beer with me! But not on the same night 🙂

– Jim

From Marie   07 Jan 2009


What is this STUFFONMYCAT.COM of which you speak? Stuff ON your cat? Novel in concept, simple in implementation, addictive in personality. I shall take this into consideration!

– Jim

From anonymous   07 Jan 2009

Hey there,

I just got word through a friend that my cat made it on to your calendar….It is in the month of march….kitty having a fit white with a pink color……

I was excited to hear that finally some took notice of him…he is a great cat….I have many other fun pics of him and my other Merryweather that might be fun for you …..if your interested…

I saw some really bad emails that criticise your productions, but am glad that finally I have him in print …where he belongs…no matter where you found it, I appreciate your attention to him….

thanks for your great products…I manage a Z Gallerie and your books are some of the best sellers, I give them as gifts alot….

anyway thanks a lot and if you want more really good pics let me know I will be happy to send them….


Always a good thing to hear… that someone doesn’t HATE our stuff! Your cat is gorgeous. I love the different colors in his eyes: evil and slightly-evil.

Thanks for being a fan!

– Jim

From Killah Bunny   07 Jan 2009

I think I love you. Your site is great…this is the first time I managed to get my neighbors to pound on the floor because I was laughing so hard, rather than because of loud sex. Thanks, I needed that!

I am glad you think so. Our site is a bit smarter than others, so some people don’t get it. They want: I are iz teh retawd kitteh!

Fuck that grammar-fuxxored shit!

– Jim

From Matt Senne   07 Jan 2009

Dear Mr. Jim Edgar:

I would appreciate it you could copy this email to Richard “Dick” Smith, your companion in writing the BAD CATS PageADay calendar. I do not have his contact information and this concerns him as well. If he was responsible for the bulk of the BAD CATS PageADay calendar then please feel free to ignore the contents of this email. If you are responsible, then please leave him out of it.

You are not funny, you never will be, and you should stop writing as soon as possible and never write again. Please do not respond to this email. Never respond to any emails, letters, or anything that requires a written response. For the good of the world and every person, animal and plant on it, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BE FUNNY. It has not, will not, and can not ever work. You are not funny. You are possibly the least funny person I have ever seen attempt to be funny. I am dead serious.

I got the BAD CATS PageADay calendar as a Xmas gift and now I have no calendar to use this year. I will have to buy a new one because your calendar is TOO PAINFULLY AWFUL to use. I can’t even ignore it – it is a vacuum for comedy and when your calendar sits on my desk I cannot laugh at ANYTHING. It is the worst, lamest attempt at humor I’ve seen and that comes as a shock to me because I’ve been using the internet for over a decade and I have seen Mad TV.

January 1-5 on your calendar are terrible, but the “jokes” on January 6 are MIND BLOWING in their horrifyingly unfunny nature. You clearly do not understand what comedy is. You obviously have never heard anything legitimately funny. You may be humorously retarded; if possible have your doctor examine you for medical conditions that could lead to this state.

HINTS FOR BEING LESS UNFUNNY (because I know you won’t stop writing):

-LOOK at the cats BEFORE you write the captions.
-Write captions that have some connection to the picture. Event the tiniest sliver of relation would help.
-Give up the HOBBY comments. Just STOP.
-Go to and start plagiarizing. Fix the spelling if you want, but STOP writing your own material.

You are a BAD PERSON and should be ashamed of yourself for the bad job you do.

Sincerely and Truthfully,
-M. Senne
Cat Lover, Humor Lover, Hater

PS I have followed the internet convention and have used caps where the email should be YELLED. Please read this message out loud.

From Erin Harpe   11 Jul 2008

I purchased your 2008 Bad Cat Page-a-Day Calendar from Books-A-Million several weeks ago, and I must admit that I am VERY disappointed.

First, I was disappointed to see that the pictures are all in black and white. No where on the box (that I could find) did it say “Black & White”. The colorful picture on the front of the box had me convinced that it would be in color…or at least most of it. In some of the pictures, it’s hard to make out what is actually going on because of the lack of color.

Secondly, I can honestly say that 99.9% of the whole calendar is not funny…at all. Not even one teeny tiny bit. People in my office would walk over to my desk and see the calendar and smile and start reading. Needless to say, their smiles quickly fade into looks of confusion. The material is not funny. Some pictures are really good, look really funny, but then when you read the captions, your thinking, “What does that mean?” After the 2nd day of having my calendar on my desk, people stopped coming to read it, because it always left an uncomfortable silence after they read it. I finally was so ashamed of it, I took it down and brought it home. I have every intention of using it to start my next bonfire.

Last, but definitely not least, I am extremely offended by the cursing and how often “sex” is mentioned or alluded to. Is that all there is to life…cussing and sex? The final straw was when I read Friday March 7th 2008 – “Thank Goodness we live in a state that allows gay marriage.” No one should have to read crap like that. If I had any idea that this $12 piece of fire-starter was only good for toilet-paper, I would not have wasted my time or my money. Then I go to your website and see this – Buy one, you f**k! I really wish I had known what kind of company you were before I gave you my money.

If I ever hear anyone talk about your company or your products, I will pay THEM not to buy your junk.

I am the very kind of company that you want to be when you grow up. Fuckity fuck!

– Jim

From Carmen and Phil Iverson   11 Jul 2008

you are idiots to support obama as he is a fall guy for the right.
also you are idiots to mention your own drug use in your website when everyone knows who you are.

the birds

As I smoke this fat bongload I have to wonder what you are talking about, Birds. Why the vested interest in me? Why are you hiding behind your email? Smoke it.

From Sylvie   11 Jul 2008

Republican cat lovers not welcome at My Cat Hates You?

Really, the site should not be political. Back to I Can Has Cheezburger for us.

ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER shouldn’t be retarded… but it is. Hey, you don’t have to be a Bush lover to be a Cat lover, n’est-ce pas? Why is it that everyone is always telling me how MY site should be? What if I told you how to raise your kids or what to eat so you aren’t fat?

Fuuuuuuuuck – Jim

From Lean   11 Jul 2008

I am not one who is offened by others language easily, however the subtexting on most of your pictures is terriable. I will not be returning to your site or recommeding to anyone with a thought process period.

Leah Berman

What is a terriable? Some kind of evil dog?


From Wendy   11 Jul 2008

I am so glad I stumbled onto your site! I absolutely love your captions. They really make the photos more meaningful and hilarious–at least most of them. Educational too; I had to look up MILF on Google!


From Shane   11 Jul 2008

I love the site but hate the politics. Because of the controversial statements I no longer give out the URL which for me is very very sad because I really like the premise of your site!

If you think BUSH is a cause for America hating Jim then looking at the candidates we have now all I can say is “never say it can’t get worse” and be careful what you wish for! I am NO big Bush fan for the record and wish for this election I could just vote “none of the above”! As a former history teacher I know what can happen.

I truly wish you all the best sir.



Yes, Shane, because as NOT a history teacher, I have no idea what can happen. In fact, I am not sure anything has ever happened. Have YOU happened, Shane? How do you know? Are you a biologist? I am, so I know who can happen!
– Jim

From Geraldine   11 Jul 2008

I have gotten the cat day at a glance desk calendars for several years, HOWEVER, I have a huge problem with the commentary on each photo this year. Do the people who submit the photos write the ‘faux paw’ or ‘occupation’ comments or are the photo comments submitted by you or Workman Publishing? A few I let slide in the past few weeks but today’s, March 7 shows two cats in a purse or basket that reads, “Thank goodness we live in a state that allows gay marriage.” I am not going to explain to my 10 year old what that means much less approve of alternative lifestyle being acceptable. Are you gay? If so, fine, but don’t push your slanted view onto my desk calendar which, I might add, I ripped the page off as it sits on my desk for Customer Service.

Other faux paws include,
“Misrepresented sexual orientation on MySpace profile.”
“Had wanton sex with three inanimate objects he presumed were mice.”
“After seven tequilas, stole leprechaun’s hat and went topless.”
“Feigned exhaustion when boyfriend begged for sex.”
“I will pretend to be faithful but cheat like mad with a comely parrot.”

Totally disappointed.

Gerri Wallace

From Mary   11 Jul 2008

Thank you for that post.
I despise the rip-off, unwitty cat captioning websites almost as much as I despise that loserfreak president.
Personally I think it’s just fine & dandy if you write whatever the hell you want on your site.
You don’t offend me (or, at least, you haven’t yet, heh). I also love your “That is all” so much I’ve been tempted to steal that myself, except I have a bad memory and never remember to.

Your fan,

From Joanna   11 Jul 2008

Jim, you rock! Thank you for putting that out there! My God, the fact that that idiot has been the face of this country for two terms is a travesty! Day after day our people and, like you said, countless Iraqis are being killed, and he dares to go on tv and fake cry.

Did you see that on CNN when a fallen soldier was being honored and that bastard’s lips were quivering? It was sickening. I think it was just a guilty conscience. He has sent countless Americans to their deaths and wraps it all up in the American flag and the idea of saving us from terrorist when he is a terrorist himself. And God help us all if McCain gets elected….another 100 years, he’s insane! Enough ranting….I was just glad to see someone out there telling it like it is.

From Besatt   11 Jul 2008

Just read your criticism of Prez Bush calling him a “murderer in the white house”. Aren’t you a little misguided??? Prez Bush has prevented further attacks on America by showing the terrorists that we are not afraid to defend our country and come after those murderers as well. Frankly, I don’t want the terrorists on my front porch. Ergo, you are now being deleted and put into my “unwelcome spam” list because of your outspoken opinion against our President. We all owe him more respect than that and the fact that you are in a country where it is free to mouth your hate should prove to you how great this country and it’s President really are.
G’bye and it’s a shame – I have enjoyed your website.

From Melanie   26 Apr 2006

all i can say is, thank you. My Cat Hates You is the single funniest web site on the internet. There has not been a day go by since i found your site a month ago when I have not almost pissed my pants in total hysterical laughter! Dude.. you have THE funniest web site on the internet that I have EVER seen.

I made the mistake of taking a peek at your web site while at work last week and within one minute I was in total hysterics laughing so hard that I actually FELL out of my chair on to the floor. I just couldn’t take it any more. I had been trying to hold in the laughter for a few minutes while tears were streaming down my face and then , suddenly, like a title wave, the laughter just burst out of me and I absolutely could NOT control myself anymore. my co workers actually thought I was in pain and crying because I was laying on the floor under my desk where I had fallen and I truly was unable to get up (oh my god.. i had actually “Fallen and couldn’t get up”. I’m telling you.. I have NEVER laughed so hard, so often and so predictably as i do when I go onto your web site. I have finally decided that I simply cannot go to your site while I’m at work anymore for fear that I will break down again in hysterical laughter and maybe not make it to the bathroom in time before I piss my pants from laughter.

anyway, I just want you to know that you have a HUGE fan out here in cyberland. the pictures are hilarious,,,, but it’s the CAPTIONS under the photos that make your site so incredibly funny! You are absolutely brilliant. so gifted in capturing the feel of the photo so well. please, don’t stop. we love your site!!


Please don’t pee yourself, Melanie. I would never forgive myself. Laughter really is the best medicine. For work, at least… I dunno about Syphillis. – Jim

From E_Fitzo   26 Apr 2006

Is it just me, or in the new postings of cats, is
“Walter” (the white cat) getting smashed by a hammer?
Why are they wearing gloves? What are they doing with
his leg and a hammer? Am I overreacting, or is that a
really bad picture?.

The pic you are referring to that I have received so many emails about is HERE and is Walter getting his fur trimmed. – Jim

From Brad   26 Apr 2006

You’re just fucking hysterical and that’s all there is to it. I say it with respect and awe and gratitude. Really. I hope you have an ego bigger than the grand canyon, because you deserve it. I go to this site every day.

“Feed me, Seymour.”

You are SUPERB!

Generally no. Hard to even have an ego when you see the tortuous lives led by others in this fine world. Though I guess posting this is somewhat of a stroke of the old dong, eh? – Jim

From anonymous   26 Apr 2006

I have a pet too no not my cat… I let it bug me yes bugs are pets too. anyhowway what my gripe peeve thing is you do by saying as pasted below….we hope to see you again… when TV commentators ect… say they will see me it gets me because they will never see me and there is only a chance that I will see them again. it is just such an inaccurate statement that it bugs me… ok well there’s my rant for ya..
taker easy now

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you again!

That is all. – Jim

Hmmm, dunno what to say about that one. I really would LIKE to see you… but you didn’t send a pic. – Jim

From Jacquie   26 Apr 2006

I just wanted to say that I adore your site, and always look forward to your postings! I also have given your book and calendar as christmas presents to practically everyone I know! I first came across it in Urban Outfitters, and I was in absolute hysterics! I started embarassing my husband, I was laughing so hard! Keep up the good work!

From Bob   26 Apr 2006

as a slave of three cats (two who hate and one who thinks he is a dog ) i wanted to let you know your doing a bad ass job! keep up the good work and as soon as i get some cash flow ill be sure to buy some shit.

It is good to know that we rate at LEAST as shit. Not feces, turd, poop, dookie, log, caca, doo doo, brown trout, butt fudge, etc. – Jim

From Linda   26 Apr 2006

Could you tell me what they are doing to Walter in the March 2006, he is cat #32. Is this a stray or what? I am concerned about this kitty. Could you please email me back and let me know, my email address is *******
Thank you,

I think they are circumcising him, but since I was not present, I cannot say. I would be more concerned about Vincent. With a gat like that, you know he is gonna do some hard time. – Jim
From Matt   07 Dec 2005

I was just wondering how to get a picture into a book or calender, is that possible? Is there a contest or anything? Thanks for the time….I just bought your calender, its soooo cute!.


From Alejandra   07 Dec 2005

I was just wondering….. I sent my cats’ pics in mid October but they didn’t get post…. (at least not under either “October” nor “November cats”). Either you didn’t think my cats “bad” enough or their pics have never made it to your inbox….. Shall I send them again?

GREAT site, by the way.


Well, see it is like this. I am finally getting to cats from August. So, you may have some time to wait. Sorry, but I still love you. – Jim

From Jennifer   07 Dec 2005


I absolutely love the BAD CAT 2006 calendar! My only question is, where is Clark? I wanted to buy it because of the picture which advertised it in a magazine clip. It was a picture of an incredibly funny cat named Clark with November 10, 2006. But when i got the calendar, it didn’t have Clark as the November 10th cat, nor did it have Clark on any pages in the whole calendar. Is there a way that i can order a print of Clark the cat or could you point me to a low res photo on your website? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Jennifer .

I would recommend you talk to Workman Publishing in New York City, NY. I don’t know who Clark is, personally. – Jim

From anonymous   07 Dec 2005

Hello there just go on your website tried to look in the gallery of the
latest cats but all it does is show the cat fang even when you press view
gallery or if you press another cat piccy in the set or am I doing something
wrong? Keep up the goodwork brill website

Huge fan of my cat hates you



No, that is not a problem with the site… it is a problem with me. I am a lamer. There are more cats coming this weekend, Sue. So please… don’t… uhhh, sue me? – Jim

From Laura   07 Dec 2005

Hi Jim, my name’s Laura. I noticed you’re not posting things in the “litter
box” lately, so you’re probably really busy with your real life. I was
reading it for the first time tonight and noticed all of the comments about
the profanity on your website. All I can say is.. if you don’t like it,
don’t go to the web site. You don’t ask someone to change their entire
website just for you. There’s websites ALL over the internet that offend
me, and I simply do not visit them, and I would never ask them to change.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say but blabbering instead, is DON’T CHANGE A

From Lauren   07 Dec 2005

I hope you put this up on the litterbox. I love because, apparently, unlike the rest of your fans, I really do hate cats. Dogs rule!


From anonymous   07 Dec 2005

How do I find out if my cat, Cade, is in any of your books or merchandise?


It’s not. – Jim

From Cindy   07 Dec 2005


I absolutely LOVE the absurd humor in Bad Cats! (And they say engineers don’t have personality!)…Where have you been all my life?.

Oh you know, molding away here in Seattle with the rest of the fungi. – Jim

From anonymous   07 Dec 2005


You may have already received a comment on this, but I had bought the book and I have to say I was very disappointed with only one picture (the pic with the cat and the snake – I truly hope this is not a real snake ) on page 13 – Name Yvonne – I actually no longer have the book, because I cannot support a book that has not caring for the animals health and well being – I will not purchase any more books that are either written by yourself or published by Workman Publishing .

Given that I personally, with the whole company of Workman in tow, went to that house and forced that cat to sit underneath that probably-defanged cobra, I can totally understand your attitude. That is why I do not buy anything made in America. Because America had a tv commercial that showed a guy falling down some stairs. That is cruel of America to do that to that poor man. Shame, America… SHAME! – Jim

From Rochele   07 Dec 2005

Hey Jim,

I was going to give the BAD CAT book to my mom for Christmas, but while I was wrapping it I had a read. I think a lot of that stuff I was thinking in my head but could never say out loud for fear that people would think that I was sick in the head. So thanks, its good to know I’m not the only one who thinks that way about those nasty little creatures.


From Robert   07 Dec 2005

And by the way, I saw this response from you to one of the people complaining about the use of “foul” language…

“They know that all language is part of life, not only some of it.”

I just have to Applaud you here. I’ve been telling people the exact same thing for years. Also there is the fact that by creating such taboo around such words, all you do is grant them power. They are just words, and words are used to convey a given thought or idea… And sometimes these “expletives” get the idea across in a much better (and often funnier) fashion.

– Robert

From Heather   07 Dec 2005

I wanted to let you know that your book was given to me by my step dad when I was going through a really tough few weeks back. My friend Ted G. turned me on to your book and web site months ago and I had been meaning to pick up the book. Now I have your book sitting in my living room and everyone that comes to visit just has to pick up the book and can’t put it down. Thanks for the great book that keeps me laughing no matter how many times I look at it!

From Elleri   13 Oct 2005

Oh my heck!
Your books and website is the funniest things I have ever seen. My mom picked up your book at Costco, BAD CATS.
Kudos to your humor.My Cat died when I was in 3rd grade, and know 4 years later.. it really cheers me up~ I hope you continue to give a sentence that goes along with the CATs’ faces.
Thanks for your website

From Mark   21 Aug 2005

Hi Jim, So, how much would you sell this site for?

In regards, to what I’m going to do with it. Well, I would just keep growing the site. I think it’s possible to put much more funny stuff there.

Please let me know… Mark

Honestly, a lot more money than you probably find it worth.

The books published from the site have sold almost 500,000 copies, and there are 2 more planned, so the site is invaluable to resource collection.


Ok Jim, I understand. But still, I would like to make another offer of $50,000 USD.


You know what invaluable means? It means, $ 50,000.00 is not even close to what it is worth to me. Plus… I would have to give ALEX 1/2 of that. Which would buy him 75,000 bottle of vodka. Which would kill him, and then *I* have to deal with the guilt. Keep your $ 50,000.00 and save my conscious. There are tons of amateur Pr0n sites to play with. Love, Jim

From Ken   21 Aug 2005


Someone showed your book to me over the weekend and I HAD to visit your site. I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!!! Thank you.
I was going to pass along your web address this evening when I saw the picture of the Pope obviously unhappy about something. I guess I missed something, but I don’t understand why you picked that picture of him when there are so many other around. Just wondering.

Thanks again for your otherwise WONDERFUL website!!!!


From Suzanne   18 Aug 2005

Thanks for the very long belly laughs. My husband died 4 months ago in March and nothing has brought me laughter such as this unti I picked up your book at Barnes & Noble. I was breaking out with laughter at the store so I picked up one more copy for my cat loving brother and was off so I could read and laugh and irritate my own cat at home. This is some of the best medicine I have had in a long time. Clever, clever, clever. All the people involved should be applauded. Keep ’em coming.

From   18 Aug 2005

Your recent road trip and run in at the rhino inspired
me to push forward towards a little adventure of my
own. Yet with little means and a limited range of
travel I decided to hit portland and visit some
friends who have one comfy couch.

Thanks for the mad props on your web site. Cory and I
grinned at the posting. Plus, after a telling of the
nights stories, some cat loving friends purchased your
book. The least we could do for all the free drinks.
*Hat tip*

From Dylan   18 Aug 2005

I have been looking at your site regularly for quite some time now, and I must say it is consistently the funniest one that I have found. I recently looked at the litterbox for the first time, and I must say I am quite surprised at the amount of hate mail you hae recieved. Just to make all the intelligent readers who appreciate this site feel better, I would like to point out that most of the people who send hate mail appear to be idiots, who have managed to develop a genuine fear of cats as threats to their masculinity, and also don’t seem to understand the fundamental rules for sentence construction and spelling. Maybe they should stop complaining about the site wasting their time and should take some english classes at night school instead. Excellent site, my friend- keep up the good work.

From Sam   18 Aug 2005

I bought your book yesterday at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I am a paramedic and get stuck sitting in a vehicle for 12 hours so this book
was a fantastic way to speed up the time!! My partner thinks I’m an idiot and strangers
on the street were looking at me like I should be commited!!!
Bloody Hilarious!!!! Thanks sooo much!!!
I want to buy a mouse pad but you don’t send to Canada!! How else can I get one??.

From Candace   18 Aug 2005

Just a line to let you know my cats hate you. They hate me too, but what are you gonna do. They know that I’ve got incriminating photos of them and they’re afraid of what I might do with them. I was going to put them into a book, but you beat me to that. Good call.

I’ve started checking the MCHY site almost daily for your informative blurbs about your book signings and travel. I agree, Kansas is a let down. Your observations and comments are a delight! Your conversational style rocks! Reading about your day that reality is stranger than fiction…

From Jim   18 Aug 2005

you suck.

From Dan   18 Aug 2005

Your site is awesome!
To Hell with all the idiots who are giving negative feedback about your site.
They all need to lighten up, stop watching so much Jerry Springer and get some class, or at least get a dictionary so they can look up the word class and find out what it means.
Cats humor us because they realize that their ancestors used to eat ours. Respect for the heritage of the feline and the humor we can apply to that.

From Dan   18 Aug 2005

Ok, who is the Doll in the Blue Baby Tee on your web site? Would you call me a psycho if I used that shot of her as wallpaper on my computer? Damn! She is absolutely Yummy! If the lovely lady is ever in Nashville, PLEEEASE look me up.

That is my dear friend Madonna. Ain’t she a cutie? I will pass this along to her!


From Kevin & Jennifer   18 Aug 2005

Hi my mom just bought me your book. Some of it is funny but I wonder if you realize some of the cats positions and attire are actually cruel to the cats? Is there anyway that maybe you will be putting out a book that is not all bad sayings and is actually all funny and not inhumane??? Thanks for your time ….JR.

From Daniel   18 Aug 2005

Boy I really enjoyed that: I laughed so hard that the milk shot out my nose. And I haven’t been drinking any milk. Thank you and I will continue to check in from time to time.

From anonymous   18 Aug 2005

I looked at quite a few pictures of cats and thought that they were really cute, but I didn’t really appreciate seeing vulgar language (swearing). I think that spoils an otherwise great site. I saw your book at Starbucks and of the pics that I did see, I didn’t see any bad language in there, so why would you want to put it on your site? I wouldn’t show it to kids because of that. That is my feedback, and I wanted you to know that some people like me will feel the same.

From Buddy   18 Aug 2005

got the book hahaha your a funny, coming back in your next life as a mouse, guy.

From Alison   18 Aug 2005

I was given your book as a present from a friend. For the most part I love it so much that I bought a frame to put on my desk at work and I cut the book up so that I could put a different selected page every week in the frame. I work at a college, and sharing these pages has doubled the fun.
However, I must say that the foul language used is spoiling an otherwise perfect idea. You know that it’s possible to be hysterically funny without resorting to offensive expletives. I hope you will consider this sort of feedback.

What foul language?


Now, granted, I’m from the older set and what I consider expletives, the new generation doesn’t think anything of. All the naughty innuendos and drug references I figure comes under artistic license. And you do have the “warning” on the cover. OK. But there are a lot of us old fogies left. So the word(s) damn, what the hell, go to hell, bad ass, good god, holy crap, I swear to God, yo ass, shit on the carpet, and yes I won’t even post the pages with the borderline: turds and freakin’ picture. So there we are. I suppose people like me are just as exasperating to you as these things are to me. Thanks for listening, anyway. I do wish you much success with your book, because so many people have enjoyed it. May it make you a million.

From Wendy   18 Aug 2005

The site is big laughs. What I’m jealous of is how people get those pictures. I can’t get mine to stay still long enough to get the really good ones. But, in your About section you said we’d hate too if someone treated us the way we treated them…well, I think some of the stuff people do in the pics (like when a cat is clearly stressed out and upset in a position or in hat, something like that) that is not cool. I volunteer in animal rescue and people underestimate that stress and fear is very real in animals too, and effects them sometimes permanently. I don’t treat mine like that, no stress, just normal cat antics. They are funny enough on their own without prodding them to do something. Please be careful on that note about what you accept so people won’t be tempted to do that just to get on the site

From Gabrielle   18 Aug 2005

Hi there. I got your website off of Jeff & Jer’s website here in San Diego, and have found it to be strangely addicting. I can’t seem to get any work done anymore, and, well, I have just about peed my pants trying not to laugh out loud. I have forwarded the site to as many people that I can, hoping to spread the disease. Therefore, with all of my wits left, I hate you.

From Frederick   18 Aug 2005

I agree with others, if you could lose the profanity you would really have a great fun site to spend some time on. What is it that you think the profanity adds?.

We have thousands of users a month who still have fun here, regardless of the language. They know that all language is part of life, not only some of it.

I appreciate your opinion, however… seriously.


From Melody   18 Aug 2005

What a clever idea and hilarious site! Like a geek I immediately searched through my many digital photos so I could submit my own two full-of-hate cats. Anyone who has ever resided with a cat recognizes that you have been able to catch the very essence of feline demeanor in these pages. Anyone who thinks this page takes a harsh stance against felines is living in denial and your cat is probably right now dreaming up new ways to roast your liver. Keep up the great work, it gives all of us cat lovers a HUGE LAUGH.

From Diane   14 Aug 2005

Jim – what a great web site! I had a bad day at work and was sitting here after everyone had gone home (I teach Middle School which lends itself well to bad days). I had read about this web site in the paper this AM and thought “what the hell…” So, off I went and then I sat here and laughed my ass off. In fact, I was laughing so hard that my principal heard me as he was leaving the building. He came into my office to see what was up. All I could do was gesture at the computer screen and try not to mess in my pants. Within seconds he was laughing uncontrollably as well. While he is petless it turns out he is a closet cat lover himself. This site is better than a bottle of booze!

From Erin   14 Aug 2005

I love your web site. NOT! Bitches cat rapist. im going to kill you, and stick a firecracker in your cats ass and kill it, that why your fu*king cat hates me a$$hole, you are some big dumb bitches and i paid someone to r@pe your cats and you, then make you have sex with your cat and videotape it and show it on the news. sincerely you fu*kers.

From Carey   14 Aug 2005

Good, lord, I never thought evil cats could be this funny!! Congratulations, you, sir, have the MYTHIC STUDIOS SEAL OF APPROVAL. Does that sound weird? If so, I agree. By the way, we’ll be working on a series of internet short films. Your site gets *x 231. *x150 is required for the seal of approval. Our site isn’t up yet, so don’t expect the movies to be out soon. They’ll be posted on and

From Emma   14 Aug 2005

well, at the end of the day, all you want is somthing that takes away the horrors of what you see in your everyday life. this site has it all… lets put it this way: i have spent 3 solid hours this evening with a bottle of wine, pissing myself laffing at the sublime hysterica of what is presented here… a most enjoyable site, and so very true to the pure indifference and loathing our feline companions have towards their human counterparts. I know my cat hates Me, and everyone around him. he is a true visionary into the banality of the pathetic human mental state. I mean, Cats never have days off sick with Depression, do they??? thats just sooo Human…

From anonymous   15 Feb 2005

No other site leaves me crying–with laughter. I consider your site a therapy site—laughter is so good for our health! When we have an especially stressful day at work, I share a photo or two with my colleagues, and we’re all the better for it

From Dustin   15 Feb 2005

You have the stupidest website I have ever seen.

From Catherine   15 Feb 2005

Your book saved the day.

A friend of mine recently experienced some health issues that required an infusion. In other words, we had to sit in a clinic for almost 3 hours so she could receive medication via intravenous. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…….. I went with her to pass the time. She asked me to grab a book off her counter; her neighbour left it there saying it had something to do with a bunch of cat pictures… Little did we know!!!!

Within 1 minute we had tears streaming down our cheeks and I had to crawl away from her so we could stop laughing and we could catch our breath. It was that bad. Ever get that can’t-breathe-need-to-get-out-now laugh? Remember, we’re in a hospital setting and the stares were priceless. I just wanted to share each picture with everyone but an overhead projector wasn’t available. Haaa. Needless to say, it consumed an hour and a half of that 3 hour sit and not only did it make the time fly, it put her at ease and let her forget her medical problems all together. Some nurses stopped in and said “you’re having way too much fun in here” and started laughing just because they saw us gasping for breath. All we could do was point at the pictures. I honestly have to say; we haven’t laughed that hard in a long long time. My stomach still hurts.

From Ingrid   15 Feb 2005

Hi Jim! Yes I saw you on the Today show via your website. Nice!
Thanks for replying – it didn’t occur to me that a response might
arrive! I was so surprised that I went a bit red in the face.
Expect some kick-ass photos of my future pure-bred felines. I have been
devastatingly catless for years, however I expect to be getting rich in
the near future (I heard ‘positive thinking’ works sometimes so I’m
giving it a go), and when I do, oh boy I’m gonna have so many damn cats.
I can’t wait – the Evil will be second to none.

I answer every single feedback email I get, unless the conversation was over 🙂 – Jim

From Lizzie   15 Feb 2005

Hey Jim, i’ve just been reading through some of the older pieces of trash in the Feedback section ( a moment of sheer unadulterated boredom i guess ) and i can’t believe how mean some people have been. fair enough this site can’t be universally popular and that’s true for any web site, but for people to actually write in just insulting you is plain rude. if you don’t like a site, don’t go on it! …and the spelling is fucking terrible too.

so hats off to Jim, you may be a slightly bored cat-loving oddball, but heck, you make alot of people bust a gut laughing. we love you!

Lizzie, Newcastle, England.

From Joni   15 Feb 2005

Joni from San Diego again…

Well, I got up a smidge early to hear your interview – great job. Jer hardly let you get a word in edgewise though, he was so enthusiastic about the book. Jer owns like six cats so I knew he’d love it. I sent him an email Wednesday telling him that if he hadn’t checked the website out, he really needed to do that. I hope it sells you a lot of books!

From Anja   15 Feb 2005

I just wanted to let you know that your site has big fans all over the world – even in Germany…
Everytime my work sucks, I take a short break to watch the new arrivals and it always makes me smile.

From Tony   15 Feb 2005

I am writing to enquire whether you would be interested in syndicating certain of the images and captions from your website in our magazine as an ongoing “My Cat Hates You” box. Sunday Magazine is the colour magazine inserted into the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney and the Sunday Herald-Sun in Melbourne. We currently enjoy a weekly readership of 3.4 million..

The magic 8-ball says… YES! – Jim

From Sandy   15 Feb 2005

I had to write because I thoroughly enjoyed the Bad Cats book!!!!! I work at a veterinary hospital and a co-worker of mine brought in the book saying a friend of hers bought it for her. I have to tell you that the whole entire hospital was howling with laughter that brought us to tears over this book. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. A veterinary hospital can get very stressful, and this book sure did brighten our day. There was not a minute that went by when one of us did not steal a glance at this book to keep the laughter going. We had each other laughing over each others’ laughs. At lunch, in between appointments, hell, even when clients were in front of us. We have all vowed to go out and by a copy of this book for ourselves. When bad days are upon you, these cats will definitely make your day a little bit better.

Thank you for keeping laughter in our world!!!!!

I am but a vehicle for the work of something much bigger than I – Jim

From June   15 Feb 2005

Bought the book. Spit my Pepsi out laughing. Scared the cats.

From Richard   15 Feb 2005

Why all the profanity on such a great site? Isn’t your vocabulary broad enough to converse without it.

From Amy   15 Feb 2005

I have a horrendous migraine and can’t find my medication. I would never believe ANYTHING could make me laugh in this state. You are brilliant and may have saved my life tonight. Please let me know how to purchase everything related to this book…plus I have to get a copy to all my friends.

From Amanda   15 Feb 2005

I just bought Bad Cat at my school bookstore. Its a very funny little book. But I was troubled by a few photos in the book. One showed a cat standing with a seeming real, ticked off snake. Another showed a cat walking through and on the broken glass of a car window. It was a little disturbing that photos which might have involved the endangering of animals would be used in your book. I hope that you wouldn’t use an animal’s misfortune for your own benefit. Something is never funny if it is at the expense of another. I hope that you would use the policy of not accepting photos which were produced by hurting or endangering the welfare of an animal. If I don’t receive any feedback I’ll have to ask my college bookstore to remove it from the shelves, as it would be offensive material.

From anonymous   15 Feb 2005

love the site. bought the book! what else can you sell me??????
haw. really….good stuff,all around,but…
what the heck happened to the caption under Puka’s photo?
last time I saw it,it read: ‘you will tell them it was SIDS,yes? SIDSSSSSS…”
(or something like that) now it’s: ‘ you will tell them it was the Easter Bunny…’
did some lame-o complain or summshit?????
claws in your eye-

From Mark – Australia   15 Feb 2005

I think you should have a warning on your book “Do Not Read This In a Public Place”. I nearly got thrown out of the bookshop for laughing like a deranged fool and going slightly blue around the lips after being unable to breathe between fits of hysteria. You are the Michael Moore of cat journalism…finally someone brave enough to tell it how it is….and our cat hates you for it!!

From Red Flames   15 Feb 2005

You are a dipshit with no life. get one. i’m sure u can get them at walmart. along with some new toilet paper. u make me sick. y the hell can’t non-members post on your suck ass forum? fuck you.

From Jeni Blue   15 Feb 2005

The book is well, …*highly sanitized*. I must admit I was disappointed as I expected the same unmasked evil revealed that I enjoy on your site. But, I bought one anyway because you so rock.

From Sarah   15 Feb 2005

I just looked a pic today, . I normally love this website, but I was very disturbed by the caption. Did the owner really have this cat put down because she peed on the rug? You may not have anyway of knowing of course. But in the future, could you at least think about maybe editing some of the captions provided by the owners? I haven’t seen anything offensive in the pics. In fact they’re the best I’ve seen over the net. But as a sensitive fan, I hate people like these who would kill a helpless animal. For peeing on the rug no less! My cats, and myself, HATE these kind of people. Again thanks for at least listening. Again I love your site. Blessed Be

From Jessi   15 Feb 2005

Best book EVAR! I was strolling through my local Barnes & Noble’s when I looked down and saw this little book on the table…having cats on it, I naturally picked it up and started flipping through it. At first I thought it was so funny because of all the wine I had just drank before I came in…but after I bought the book and read it again the second day…I realized how incredibly hilarious it really was! Now I keep it at my desk at work, just for a laugh in those particularly stressful moments. So yeah…thanks for helping me stay at my job this long.

From Julie   15 Feb 2005

Read about your website in the Times. Had to tell you most pictures I’ve viewed so far are funny, but…..Puka. Bad taste, really bad taste. Yes I lost someone very dear to SIDS & it’s not a laughing matter. You have left a sick feeling in me. Too bad, I love cats.

From Gregg   15 Feb 2005

Superb Jim!!

Your website has been passed around my friends in Scotland and London
over the last few days – everyone thinks it’s cool!! – keep up the good

From April   15 Feb 2005


From Doug   15 Feb 2005

Solstice was celebrated by Druids, people who used to put their enemies in cages, hoist them up on a tree limb and set a bonfire below – nice folks. “Happy Solstice” is an affront to Christians. So, when I saw that I didn’t bother to explore the website.

From Laura   15 Feb 2005

my boyfriend gave me the book for xmas. thank you! wonderful!

“Every cloud has a C=9 M=3 Y=0 K=48 lining.”

From Brian   19 Dec 2004

I just received your book from a co-worker and I must say, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you so much for compiling and captioning such a great book! You made my holiday!.

From Patricia   19 Dec 2004

I have read and re-read your Bad Cats book and I still can’t get enough of it. The photos are funny and cute, but the “Hobby” ideas are hilarious. Our only child, our son, is a Marine in Iraq, and the laughs have been few and far between for us since he left over a year ago. This book allowed both my husband and I some “down time” from worrying about our son.

I’ve purchased nine of these books to give as Christmas gifts because I know they will give the gift of laughter to the friends who will receive them. With the mess the world is in these days, your gift of laughter to your readers is priceless! Thank you.

From Colleen   19 Dec 2004

I have three cats. A friend (owner of three dogs) just sent me your site. I HOWLED. This made my day and I had to email my husband (the one with the PayPal account) with a shopping list for Xmas. I’ll be hitting this site every day from the office just to get through life.

From Tim   19 Dec 2004

Hello James!

Jules, one of the cats recently posted, is clearly evil. Can anyone explain
why you can’t see his conical collar on his reflection? I suspect that cats
are so evil that they don’t have a reflection, but they transmit into human
minds a biomorphic interpolation of a cat reflection, so that we aren’t too
freaked at them when the furry parasites first enter our home. Clearly,
Jules has forgotten he is wearing the collar and therefore forgot to project
it into our minds. I think this must be a common error, since many cats I
know try to attack their reflections. Maybe it is a way we can regain
control of the earth from our feline masters.


See earlier feedback for reply on this one. – Jim

From Carol   19 Dec 2004

i just had to write to tell you how awesome your site is.
i am fighting a lot of illnesses, and i have learned that laughter IS the best medicine.
a galpal who sends me stuff to cheer me up sent me your website’s url, and it has really given me hours of laughter to read through your captions on the pics.

thank you for all your hard work and your hysterical captions. please, keep up the good work.
i will definitely be checking back often and adding this site to my favorites.

From Lindsay   19 Dec 2004


Just thought I’d congratulate you on one of the funniest websites I’ve seen. As a cat lover and owner of a malicious yet adorable moggie, I’ve spent an entire afternoon pissing myself at both the antics of other peoples cat’s and the dry wit, which enhances the fun 🙂

Do you have a photo of a cat who’s idea of apologising is to rip the intestines and vital organs from a mouse and arrange them neatly on the doorstep, along with its carcass as if it were a delivery from interflora? Your website has made me realise…perhaps it’s not an apology after all!!

Well Done!.

From Jonathan   19 Dec 2004

we just found your site and my g/f and I have been crying with laughter for an hour. she just threw up from laughing so hard, I’m not kidding. you rock..

From Julie and Holly   19 Dec 2004

We just noticed that the pic of Jules “he may not be able to get to his testicles, but he can certainly reach yours” is really scary… The cat pictured, assumably Jules, is wearing a collar…. but his reflection in the mirror behind him ISN’T.

Insert Rod Serling voice over and music…..

Julie and Holly.

Actually, the one in the mirror IS wearing one. If you notice the angle of the cone on the live cats head, you will see it goes right up along the back of his head. In the mirror, find the collar and you will see a link rising from it, in fact mashing some of the hair on the back of his head. As well, trom the mirror collar, to the left, you can see the other angle of the collar jutting outward. – Jim

From Melanie   19 Dec 2004


From Lizzie   19 Dec 2004

Hey Jim, I’ve just been looking through some of the older letters in the feedback section ( a moment of sheer unadulterated boredom i guess ) and i can’t believe how mean some people have been. Fair enough you can’t hold out for universal popularity and that’s true for any site, but to write in and let loose with such burning hatred and insulting vitriol is just plain rude. Those people should be ashamed of themselves….and their spelling is fucking atrocious too.

So hats off to Jim, you may be a slightly wierd cat-loving oddball, but hey, you make a lot of people bust a gut laughing.

From Lizzie in Newcastle, England

From J.C.   19 Dec 2004

I cannot remember if I wrote this to you before (widow brain) but I recently lost my husband and your site is the only thing that has made me laugh since he died. Thank you! You rock!

From Reuters   10 Dec 2004

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German couple was shocked after a 275-mile car journey to discover a surprise stowaway cowering next to the engine of their car — a 6-week-old kitten.

The meows of the tiny animal only became audible after Elisabeth and Dieter Gesehl had parked their car. “First of all we called the police as we feared for a moment that we must have run over and seriously injured a cat,” the 64-year-old woman from Eggenfelden told Bonn express newspaper.

After checking under the hood, however, they discovered the unharmed kitten. The animal, which the couple have since adopted and named “Pussy,” was soon back to normal after a few minutes of petting.

From Anita   10 Dec 2004

I work at the Phoenix shop at Nepenthe in Big Sur and one day saw a couple of
other sales associates laughing so hard they . . . . well….anyway, it was
Bad Cat they were reading. I bought one for my daughter who has two cats and
has a lot going on in her life so I thought she should receive a copy so she
could get some LAUGHTER going. It just may SAVE her life.

I just had to write to you with KUDOS on your incredible production of BAD
CAT. I can honestly say I have NEVER laughed so hard so many times in such a
short PERIOD of time. I know my daughter and her guy will love it. The photos
and quotes would be quite enough, but the true icing on the cake is the
“hobby” line. Tell me, what were you under the influence of — aside from your
obviously deep appreciation of the feline persuasion — when you came up with
those hilarious ideas. Amazing!


From Delphine   03 Dec 2004

Hi from France! I thouhgt I could let you know that I have ordered your book to offer to my mom for Christmas. She and my dad have been forced to take care of my cat Grimma when I went away from home and she regularly complains about the hairs and other cat stuff. Thanks to your book she’ll see how adorable is Grimma 😀

From Somia   03 Dec 2004

While I was in line purchasing Jon Stewart’s book, your book Bad Cat was on the counter for me to peruse. I laughed out loud and decided to buy it- an impulse buy (very smart of bookstore Wendall Homes in the Galleria,London,Ontario) I brought it back to work with me and am happy to say it made people cry from laughing so hard at some of the pics. Kudos. Even cat haters had to laugh. Thanks for the laughs and looking forward to the next installment. These are great xmas gifts. Is there a bad dog book?

Dogs are not bad, they are slobbering sycophants. Glad you enjoy the book, neighbor to the north! – Jim

From Lynn   03 Dec 2004

I got strange looks from people because I was laughing my head off at your book in a bookshop (I was on my own at the time) so I thought I’d better buy the book (my cat hates you) and then nearly peed myself laughing at home and yes, you are correct, my sister and I have long suspected all the cats our family have had hated us, apart from one of the cats she has now, I’m pretty sure that twink has only one brain cell.

From Hamish   03 Dec 2004

I love your site but especially Angror. I find it hard to believe this is really a cat and not the creature from Quatermass and The Pit. Whatever your verdict on this query, I think you have just unearthed an alien species which will definitely take over the world. Then your site can be run by the aliens and renamed I thank you. (PS – Huge vote of appreciation by the entire North of Scotland Blood Transfusion Service. Worrying, isn’t it?)

From Joanna   03 Dec 2004

seeing as you appear to be the only man on earth to have coined the phrase “hot bam whisky fizzle” (see zelda 2) and seeing as it has been raising a smile from me without fail for several weeks now, i would very dearly like to name my embryonic forthcoming club night after it. I have no money and as yet we are making no cash whatsoever out of the thing (well we haven’t even done the first one yet) so i would be asking your permission to use it out of the goodness of your heart. you would however, forever more be associated with something very cool. apart from the cat site, of course. and would always be welcome on the guest list (however i think you might live in america, which might make it quite difficult)
ah go on.

My lawyers are on their way. – Jim

From KYMBA   03 Dec 2004

Jim, I saw your website in people magazine. I have been back three times trying to see all the cats. You are a @#$%*&@ RIOT! I am laughing out loud (my family is looking at me strangly)… but that’s nothing new. First chance I get I’m sending in some pictures…I know I have some good ones. Well thanks for making me laugh I’m telling every cat person I know about the site. Too funny… KYMBA

From Tara   28 Nov 2004

Your website is my little ray of sunshine on a shite wet scottish weekday!! It makes me smile when the shit hits the fan in the office and causes much laughter. Then I give other people the web address. Thank SOOOOOOOOO much for cheering us sour Scots up!!

From Sarah   28 Nov 2004

Dear who ever, I think your web site is awsome. The cats are harilous. I have have the book and I love it. Keep up the good work.

From Laura   28 Nov 2004

Hi,My name is Laura.I live in Virginia.This past week I bought a copy of ‘Bad Cat’.It’s the best book out.It’s extremely funny.I bought it in a local Barns and Noble…I almost wet my pants.I was laughing so loud people would walk by and stare at me and my sister.You guy’s are very funny.I’m looking forward to maybe an addition to this book I would truly love and would try to be one of the first in line to buy another book that would make me laugh like this about cats.Commonly I’m know not to like cats very much.But this is great and I realize with out cats, I couldn’t laugh this hard.Just wanted you to know that I really love this book.It’s great.I tell every one I know about it and got a couple of my friends to buy a copy.This was a great book.Hope to see another one in the near future.

From Carrie   28 Nov 2004

i had a cat die tonight. she was my favorite and i dont know if anyone else will care or not but i wanted to see if my idea will fly or not. i have medicade for my son and myself and its so expensive to take your pet in general to the vet. i had the idea of a cat/dog medicade i dont know how to start it or anything but it was just an idea. IN THE LOVING MEMORY OF MY LITTLE GIRL SALLY ANN. WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. thank you for listening anyway.

From Gabriele   25 Nov 2004

I received the “Bad Cat” book a few days as a gift. I’ve often laughed out loud seeing the photos and reading the comments. The photo of the cat on page 207 however, is alarming. Are people actually throwing their cats into the harbor and watch, if it can make it back to shore?! The cat in the photo may not have been ‘harmed’ in a blatant way, but I don’t think this is what loving your pet is all about. Thought I’d share my feelings about that photo.

From David   25 Nov 2004

It all sounds interesting but cool people know that M’soft sux so your pompitudinal mention of this evil Monopoly in the About section just shows you are more bored twits with more money and less skills than you know what to do with.

Ahhh, who’s been watching Jeopardy? – Jim

From Adrian and Devil-Cat   15 Nov 2004

I bought your book for my girlfriend…Big mistake… She didn’t really get it and is one of those I-only-like-cute-cat-stuff people. Oh, well. C’est la vie. Thanks for linking me.

Adrian & Devil Cat

Adrian, time to get a new girlfriend. – Jim

From Leslie and George   14 Nov 2004

Congratulations on the success of your book! We ordered it as soon as it came out and think it’s fantastic. We are anxious for Bad Cat II and will be following our cats around with the camera as long as it takes to get a photo worthy of your
website. Keep up the great work!

From Kelly R   14 Nov 2004

Just got your new book “Bad Cat” and found it absolutely hilarious! My
husband and I are childless, but reside with 3 cats (icluding one very
Alpha-male…), and totally cracked up over your collection, then I went
to your website and can see “the party never stops.” Oh how true it is! .

From Clara the cat.   30 Oct 2004

some kitty haiku about breakfast time

At last morning dawns
Your lashes are fluttering
I poke your eyeball

Black face, blue eyes stare
Breathing, slumbering you are
Claws under cover

Hey! Hey you! Get up!
Chicken hearts and giblet treats!
Craving Meaty Meat

I covet the bowls
Mia sniffs, turns up her nose
My second helping

I eat Mia’s share
Rumbling now, my tummy is
Big crap in cat box

Finally! She’s home!
Absence intolerable
I’ll crap in the tub

From Molly from Ohio   29 Oct 2004

just a quick note to say that i literally cruise this site at least once a day and i laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME, even at the same ol’ cats. you save me from the work-a-day soul-sucking job that is my life, and i love you for it. thanks so very much for the laughs and for saving my sanity on many a Monday.

From Olso   24 Oct 2004

I just today went to this website for the first time and can’t wait to tell
my sister about it. I bought the Bad Cat book a few days ago and found out
about you. I started looking at it and couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone
around was probably looking at me wondering why I was laughing out loud. I
have 3 cats and can’t wait to start taking pictures of them. They are
quite a trio and do some funny stuff!

From Rachel   23 Oct 2004

Hello! My name is Rachel and i work at Curve magazine in San Francisco. We
found your website and thought it was great. We are including it in our
‘Out on the Web’ section.

Sweeeet! One of the finest compliments I can get… from a woman, ahem. Their website is at Dig it the most. – Jim

From Quaxo   23 Oct 2004

Put up a website and people think that they can just crap on it all they
want. I’m sorry you have to deal with the unclean ignorant masses. Honestly,
its amazing how cliche (and illiterate) these people are. This only bolsters
my belief that I should be training my cult right now to prepare for our
mass suicide… because with those asswipes living out there and poluting
the air, what’s the point of living? (Just Kidding about the cult, it
doesn’t exist… yet.) Well I guess all the morons can cry in their domestic
cheap-ass beers seeing as you’ve got a viable website going now, as well as
a book. Congrats!

From Valerie   09 Oct 2004

I was introduced to your website through a friend and
found it to be completely hysterical. I always
attributed those kinds of thoughts to my own cat, but
since he went away with the ex-husband, I have to
experience the vicarious thrills of cathood through
other people’s.
I will definitely keep an eye on your site, since it
certainly made my day of full moon enhanced mayhem a
little brighter..

From Jennifer   09 Oct 2004

You guys rock… My co workers and I at a California 911 center often look at this site for amusement. We are all cat lovers. I am pregnant and due in 7 days, when I am feeling down and cranky I come to this site and it just cheers the shit out of me!!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

WTFG you supporrt the grass!! i just read this oin your NEWS, you are SICk don’t you know if you smoke pot you can get pregnint and sit in your mom’s basement all day i just found this out recently on TV. thank god for the AD Council. SOULDERS FOUGHT so the AD Council could be funded in FREEDOM and don’t you forget it THERE ARE NO CIGARETTE boats! the drugs come from columbia and children die every day because of selifhsih drug users! you should be ashamemnd of yourself! maybe you won’t mind driving your 12-year odl daughter’s childs around in your saturn when she goes to a party and some jerk gives her pot and she gets prgnaent!! and my cat doens’t hate he is very nice this site makes me sic

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

You may have a nice mouse pad for sell but you also have a vulgar mouth. Learn to speak without cussing and you might find you will sell more product. Freedom of speech is a nice thing, but it’s not very pleasant when crap flows out of your mouth. If you wish to be rude, do it with style and try and not cuss. I only wish you good luck in trying to move forward in life, but I also hope you understand when you speak, you become known for whom you are by what you say. Don’t disgrace your self with trashy speech, be better than that.

Heh, I am not disgraced because I have a large vocabulary. – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

whenever i am sad, like, say when maybe a boyfriend ends a relationship with me with a smile on his face after swearing he wanted me to be his bride, i run over to this site. i know no matter how serious i think life is, no matter how much i may want to curl up and die, your site always makes me laugh and reels me back to the land of hopes and dreams! laughter is the best medicine! thank you 🙂

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Jimmy brother, I love you (always have) and your site and the humane society donation. However, books are funny things and you just never know what might end up on Feline Best Seller’s list. Just look at Michael Moore, everyone is bitching about him and he’s now a millionaire thanks to people bitching about him. OK I admit it, I just wanted to take a stab at Mr. Can’t-Find-My-Integrity Moore. Except for the love stuff, I definitely meant that.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Every time there is a terror alert, I mosie on over to your site. Then I spend way past my bed time, laughing my ass off, spitting up my drink, and keeping the rest of the house awake howling at your kitty one liners. You guys rock. Beat Bush 04 ! If you believe in a god, pray to it to help us free America from the clutches of the Corporation White House.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

you guys rock!! the site’s hilarious and since i’m a Christian, i can truthfully say that anyone who’s offended by this site should be shot and killed, for the cunts that they are. keep on rocking!! ====Amy

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Consider this; when a mafia boss leaves a dead fish on your doorstep with a knife through its guts- we enter witness protection. When a cat brings a dead bird to our door- we think it ‘loves’ us.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

What sort of assholes are you guys?

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

omg this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in at least 2 day. some fag in love w/ cats. not ferocious, mean dogs, but sweet, cuddly little cunt

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

That’s right, no denying it, pure demented misguided and proud of it genius at work. My gut hurts from laughing so hard you twits. Should you manage to drag yourselves and your livers up here to San Francisco the first 3 rounds are on me. And ohh yessss I love my fat ass fur lickers too, they are my evil army of the night and repel Baptists missionaries. I now have a new reason to keep the digital camera at the ready…beware.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

hi my name is lauren and I just wanted to let you know that my brother and his breast friend left me at my school until 5:56 at night because they were tired and they were sleeping. I had the most exciting news to tell them and they will never EVER know and I will never EVER forgive them. then they think its funny to come into my room and jump on my bed and laugh when it was not FUNNY! I am very angry and disappointed with these people. I wanted to let you know because I needed someone to talk to because wendi (my brothers breast friend) is not worthy of having me talk to her anymore! I told her that satan would tie her up and dangle her over his pits of fire because she was making fun of my FAVORITE praise the Lord radio station.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I just love this site!!! I giggle uncontrollably….it is quite enjoyable at the office. I am a family physician and my staff wonders just what in the hell i am doing giggling over the computer…..keep up the great work!!!

Finally, some respect! From a M.D. no less. – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

it is rare that something as special as your site comes into my life. my only regret was the impulsiveness with which i shared it with my friends. this is an important site, a site that deserves to be saved for special occasion anger. it truly deserves to be treasured for wish-you-were-dead moments of loathing. luckily, my girlfriend cheated on me so i got to send it to her. my cat hates her guts. if i could huck up a hairball it still wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude for your site

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I er nogle fucking homoer hele lortet. Kattepinere. Knepper I dem ogsÃ¥? Wolla, jeg smadrer jer. Satan vil ha’ jer I numsen!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Yeah so I’m lookin at your site while i’m fucked up on vicodin. Man, don’t get me wrong, I love cats, but all the pictures and the stupid ass captions started to get me feeling freaked out a little bit so I call my buddy, and I tell him to ‘log on’ to this drivel and he’s like ‘You’re an asshole…those guys who invented that gay cat site are fags and cats are for fags’

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

your site is gay like liberace. oh look at my faggit website of cats who get reemed in the poopchute ! if you had one good cat you woud stick iyour dick in its but and cry for glory oh mama oh mama my dick is in cats buthole. i am one happy faggit of catlove. okay you love cats so what. i love britany spears but she has boobies at least to suck on not like cats who have stinky butholes. faggit !!!!!!!!!!!!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Awash in our slippery mind lubricant we all fuck like crazy trying to generate the thrill of experience. Little do we know those seemingly boring moments we all share waiting for any kind of lively interaction are actually packed with solipsism burning oxygen. Cats contain the greatest breath of such. Their moment in our combined conflagration places them at the mouth of such bellows. Our own fire only distracts or entertains that clarity of pure being such as is cat. The moment we transcend our own limits to try become as pure, can only spell our own similar condemnation in the eyes of those we have both accepted as both our own breed, and master. Cobalt blue eyes and the coat of warm evenings help fly both coming crows and buttress.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Your site’s kinda like a train wreck… You’re embarrassed to look. Then you look. Then you can’t stop looking. Then you’re embarrassed you looked.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

i have noticed that when a horse throws its rider, craps on your lawn bolts, or bites the hand that feeds it there is a cat in the shaddows quietly laughing.Am I wrong ?

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I have to say I saw this site at work, shown to me by my 21 year old assistant. It was rather like being in church, where you can’t laugh aloud. I nearly peed my pants. Tears were streaming down my face at the sheer perversity, the unmitigated gall…

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

no matter what, your site makes me LAUGH AND LAUGH. tears are coming out of my eyes. you make me feel brand new. if i still had ovaries, your site would be the perfect cure for PMS. rock on, right on, and etc

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Dear Jim the smelly, stinky human. Our human slave showed us your site, and we have to say, your bodily parts are in severe danger. We’re coming to a big chunk out of your butt for revealing our master plans! Our human slave thought it was oh so funny and was sitting there laughing her ass off, but we are not amused!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

dude you must be sad ,bored, dont have a girlfirend / boyfriend (delete as appropriate),a loser;friendless pick one – one question – why???

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I want you sooooo badly!!! your luv of cats makes me want to screw you up the ass. I have 9 cats who all pleasure me in different ways. I also have a lizard named fluffy. I want you to meet fluffy. please write back iw ill be waiting to hear from you. When you write back, describe yourself. I have brown hair, im 5’5, green eyes, huge boobs, and a craving for you. RRRRRRREEEEOOOWWW I LUV DILDOS 2! CAT LADY!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Hi! I looked at your websight! You smart man! I look for smart man to merry me! Do you like spagetti? jello? I do! Do you like campin? swimmin? I do! Do you like cookies? I do! Do you want to meet and go play? I do! I live in Mississippi. Where do you live? Here is a pic of me. Will you send me one of you? My mommy says I’m pretty! Do you think so? I think so! I like cats! I have 23 cats!

That last part does not surprise me. – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Hello American people,I got sent your site by our I.T guy, who got it from the Graham Norton website (camp British comedian) Much mirth ensued. Your site rocks! Nefarious cats of the world, finally your plans are unveiled! I have two cats and they hate. Hate is a state of being for them, rarely do they feel other emotions other than varying degrees of hate.Their presence in my domicile makes me nervous, but now I have located other hateful cat owners, no longer do I feel alone. I feel I must spend my time distracting their hate towards dangling pieces of string and fluffy creatures and away from my jugular. If cats were the size of horses, humans would be extinct. Dwell upon that for a while.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

u losers wot is the point!! talk about a waste of time! well here 2 minutes of my life il never get bk! let me guess, ure american?? right! shud of known!

Yes, we are. And I figger you for about 8 years-old? – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Do any of your cats hate Kato Kaelin?

What do you think? – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I loved your site. It’s the work of pure genius. I have a problem that I think only a genius such as you can help me with. How do you know when a cat hates you? I ask because I think that my cat hates me. A lot. I think that my goldfish hates me, too.

Goldfish have only one brain cell, that cannot be in HATE-MODE all the time, because it has to eat. They also have a 10 second memory, so they will forget that they hate you and start all over, most likely by loving you, but that is a job for the stats folks to worry about. Now your cat… oh yeah, that bastard hates you. – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

You ask that women send you pictures of their cats and their breasts?? what kind of person asks these things of women. I dont know what you expect but here is a picture of mine. tell me what you think of them

Probably my all-time favorite feedback, ever. – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Yeah that’s right you big pussy (no pun intended). Any man who owns a cat is a worthless bitch, wimp, sissy, and a faggot. Give me a break, your cats couldn’t do jack shit to me except get in front of my right foot and then I would have to kick the living shit out of them. Be a man, you big fucking geek.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

i allergic to cats but i still don’t agree to what u lot are doing to thosee cats. so stop making excuse 4 ur selves

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

I laughed ’till I pee’d myself. This website should be forbidden to anybody older than their bladder.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

Dear Jim, I laughed till I cried and then I laughed some more! You are a fucking genius, my friend. I’ve been sick for dyas and feeling sorry for myself. I dragged myself to the computer and got your site forwarded to me from a friend and fellow cat owner (BTW Her cat Tinkerbell hates the world, probably ’cause her name is Tinkerbell. She has digital camera at the ready to capture a paticularly vicious image)Now, I’m feeling much better! They say love heals the world. In this case, feline hatred has healed mine. Keep up the good work. I’m immediately linking you to my webpage.

I am only a genius by way of my I.Q., but thanks for the judos! Wait, I meant KUDOS! – Jim

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

You’re a dude ?

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

hi i saw all the pics and that is pretty rude ok you can’t even think of good enough comeback and you suck for one thing and the reason you have say all that stuff is because you are are not happy with who you are so so you have to pick on someone else to feel like you have the power and it soposevly makes you feel good because you think you are all that when you are not you just have nothing else to do so that is why you pick people and i know you know i am right you just may not want to admit it!! You are the weekest link … GOODBYE!!

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

If you enlarged the anthrax bacteria to a million times its normal size, it would look exactly like a cat.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

all your cats are just ugly and boring….. my cats will make your cats piss baby…. my cats the toughest cat in the neighbourhood so bring it on.

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

my cat can kill your cat

From anonymous   26 Sep 2004

they hate you man, NOT me, tis the owners influence to hate eh? hahahaha, my cat just might have to whip out some of the kung fu he learned in old country for you! “