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These are links sent in by our users and guests for your enjoyment. MCHY is not responsible for the content of the sites, though we have thoroughly vetted them for anything unsavory and can state unequivocally they are feline-related. MCHY is not compensated by any commercial interests linked herein - we are simply cat lovers.

iPad game for cats!

The folks from Hiccup got in touch with me and asked me to check out their new FREE iPad app, just for cats. Finally a viable bridge between felines and the digital world. No more having to burn calories using your wrist to move a laser pointer around the room. See videos below!

Devil Cat

This site belongs to a good friend of MCHY, Adrian Keefe, who is a wonderful feline cartoonist and fellow author. I STRONGLY suggest, if you need a good dose of humor, you visit his site and look at the fantastic collection of comics he has drawn over the years. I laugh every time and I know you will too.

Alex's other cat Nicholas

The Kitty Cot

Straight out of Seattle, we have a pretty neat invention here. Neat? Cats care not for neat. They care for lazing around all day and this gadget will do the trick. Buy one today!

Stuff on my Cat

Who doesn't know the masters over at SOMC? If you were just born this afternoon, and just got your first cat at the age of 5 hours, make sure you put a poopy diaper on its head and send it over to SOMC. Then go try to find it in their 1000s of awesome images. You won't be disappointed

Kitty Hooch

I met owner Eric Laffoon at the Portland Saturday Market. He grows high-content catnip; I checked the stuff out, it is top notch. His scratch pads are the bomb as well.

Citi Kitty Toilet Trainer

We tend to act often as if our cat was part of the family. Now you can share even the most private bodily functions with them by training them to poop in the toilet. No more late-night litter box scratching sessions, just *plop plop plop* is all you'll ever hear again!

The Infinite Cat Project

Cat trippiness at its finest. Albert Einstein would hate this site, for it violates many of his beloved theories. I love the fucker! It is good by itself or a little extra HELP, if you know what I mean. Go say hi to the latest Infinaut.

Date My Pet

If you think you are an animal freak or a crazy cat person, go check out this long-time dating site for people just like yourself. Or maybe even MORE crazy! Decide for yourself, it is free to sign up and look at the other freaks. You will not find me on there, alas. I only date aliens from planet Xorbitt.

Rate My Kitten

Another site that has been giving kitty joy for over a decade with tons of great cat pics is Rate My Kitten. The pics on the site are not all kittens, but it doesn't matter; they are adorable balls of fluff that demand your attention.

The Freddie Street Cats

I, Jim, am not really sure what this page is about, because a) I have the I.Q. of a doghnut (see!) or b) it has so much of everything, but the term "literary" comes to mind. There are lots of stories and articles written by many people to peruse. I personally couldn't spend the eight months to go through all the content, from the touching eulogies to the very funny 'Guides for Cats', but YOU can!

The World is Your Litter Box

Steve Fisher hits the mark with his pair of very clever, hilarious books written by his cat Quasi detailing the secrets all cats should know about living with the pink monkey (us). MCHY recommends these books to all cats!

The Art of Cats

Local Seattle artist Patrick Dowers has a great collection of work shown on this website. If you are visiting Seattle, stop at the Pike Place Market to see his stall toward the north end where all the drunk homeless folks hang out. Tell him Jim said hi!