MCHY Random Media

HA! It sucks once again in this very lifetime to be you! IN the process of moving the MCHY website over to the new (4.0.1 Swiss Siamese) format, I ran across a whole lot of random media files. So, I thought to my evil self, why not share them with you. After all, when I die, who will remember this shit?

The Original MCHY theme song!

A note about how the song came about: I posted a query to the forums asking for random sentences to be used as lyrics. After collating all relevant content, I engaged in a hours-long session of drinking much beer and putting together what *I* considered to be music apropos of such an endeavor. For those not on the forums at the time, the moniker “Super Brother Man” in the song is President Barack H. Obama. Click on the image above of me recording the song to hear it! SUCKER!

A day in my life – Pt 1.

Video sort of says it all.  Them is 2004 days, though.

A day in my life – Pt 2.

The good old days at Microsoft, when you could just pick up the phone and call BillG’s office.

Lessons in Stalking by Dena Harris – FREE download

Famed cat author Dena Harris was generous enough to give MCHY some e-versions of her book Lessons in Stalking to give away to fans and foes alike. Please click on the links below to grab it in various formats. There are some strange characters here and there in the version I put on my iPad, dunno about all that, but here it is for free.

Lessons in Stalking – EPub format.
Lessons in Stalking – PDF format.
Lessons in Stalking – Mobi format.


MCHY Year in Review 2011

Well, at the end of 2011, I was still without employment and had lots of time on my hands, so I produced this video. If you choose to watch it, be warned that it is pretty insensitive to certain events in the interest of trying to move PAST them. No disrespect is meant to anyone involved.