This is… your future.

Here it is in a nutshell… you are the future. What a nutshell. It is possibly the size of the biggest nutshell either. In back of the truck it happened.

I was in the hospital for months. Many days, my friends. This is when I learned that nothing like this would ever happen again. You are professional. I am professional. I wish to sweat it up some. This happens when there is nothing else left in the tank.

I want to wear cowboy boots and kick others in the groin. I am not a trucker, though. So what do I do?

I will go to South Dakota where shit is right. I love South Dakota. It is beautiful. You come down out of the I-90, the continental divide and there it is (after you leave Montana) and it is gorgeous. Deadwood here I come. I think it is the best place. Maybe next to Montana. Big Sky Country for sure. The best skies I have ever seen. Utah is awesome too. I love the desert. But I have had too many beers so now I am into the basement of my life.

Who else is onboard? You? You want to sponsor a MCHY roadtrip? Holy shit, I like your ‘tude!

The Right is RIGHT!

I am not allowed to politick anymore lest I lose all of my Republican fans and viewers. However, to their great joy, I must make two observationss.

John McCain has been proven correct today in that he is no Bushie, and Obama seems to be aligned with the Right!

The current administration is sending an envoy to talk to the Iranians! Just what John McCain said he wouldn’t do, but Obama said he would. So now we see… Bush has taken a page from Obama’s game plan, because they are actually in cahoots. McCain would do good to ‘stay the course’ and never deal with such entities as the Axis of Evil.

In other news, I was corrected regarding my Antarctica post. It appears now that OBAMA has not been to Antarctica to observe the penguins and make snow angels, where McCain has. I have this on a good source who happens to be on ice as I type. She said no one was allowed to talk to McCain however, because he was undergoing some strange bionic replacement.

79 days to go!

Good News! And more feedback.

Apparently, all the MCHY fans love George Bush, Jr. because I am overcome with feedback saying I am a terrible person for ever doubting the Shrub’s personal war against Islam.

I better stick to cats and not have an opinion as to how my country is being ruined by special interests. I am sure my detractors have had a fantastic life the last eight years because of Dubya. I hope they are enjoying the gas prices because MY FUCKING CATS ARE!

You don’t believe me, go check out the Litterbox feedback posted over the years. Yeah, I know. Blah blah blah, Jim you suck… we love ICANSUXORJIZZBURGERS.CUM better than MCHY.


Does McCain hate Antarctica?

I was listening to the geriatric presidential guy with the plastic smile say something about Barack Obama not caring about the troops in Iraq because doesn’t hang out there enough. Damn that Obama, I thought! Why doesn’t he go hang out in the middle of nowhere in blazing heat and enemies all around and spiders the size of Subway sandwiches to prove that he is American!

Then it struck me like a lightning bolt, without the muscle seizure… John McCain hates Antarctica! He is using this Iraq issue to defer attention to the fact that he has NEVER visited Antarctica to check on the good American men and women stationed down there in penguin-land! I think those Vietnamese got to him in Hanoi… turned him a little red, if you know what I mean. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

In other news at MCHY, the new My Cat Hates You book is due out October 1st in stores around the country (and the world, eventually… so don’t cry for me Argentina), there are some new cats up. Unfortunately, this site is still run by one person, not the rest of illiterate humanity, and when he (me) is busy, it suxxors for all concerned! I should be getting more cats up soon, though. I have a few thousand to go through.

Congrats to all the sport winners within the recent weeks. You all rock steady! Tiger got his trophy, Ray Allen gets a ring leaving the Sonics, Nadal gets to beat off on center court and… the Sonics are now officially tossed aside like Mayor Nickels dirty man panties. They can be the Oklahoma City Bombers now! Go OK! (I know, tasteless joke).

Much love to you all!