Need more cats!

2015 Bad Cat Page-a-Day calendar under way!

It is that time of the year again… we need fresh, hilarious pics of your cats for the Bad Cat 2015 calendar. If you have the right stuff, please send hi-res pics to
If your cat is used, the reward is as usual a free Bad Cat 2015 calendar, shipped at our cost to you around Oct ’14.

Some Vids to keep you relaxed!

The infamous SLOTH LOVES CAT (not like that!)

Then the Markos Buzzcut Challenge

More cats on their way!

I have about 50 cats in the captioning pipleline.  Currently they are being perused and abused by the MCHY forum members.  So, keep an eye out for that in the next week.  I don’t have as much time as I used to with regards to keeping stuff up to date here.

But… who cares?

That question follows naturally from me worrying about keeping the site up to date, does it not?  Does anyone actually read this stuff?  Or come here for new cats when they are up?  Used to be we had new cats every few days.  Well, in economic times like these… hehehe.

Oh hey!  This is a sad, but true story about Athena Baxivanos’ cat Chintamani: when Athena left Seattle to go live in Florida, she left the four cats behind with me.  Why be responsible, she thought, let Jim deal with it.  Well, I had to give one of the cats away because it would not make the trip to Florida easily.  It was only a few days after I arrived in Florida that I found out the poor elderly cat had been killed by the new owner’s dog in a random fit of aggression.  I had apprehension about leaving the cat in a house with a nutty Navy Vet and his crazy dog, but I thought the cat would at least die a natural death.

I was wrong :(  Very sad.  When Athena Baxivanos would ask about how the cat was doing, I had to tell her the cat was fine and enjoying life in the Pac NW, when in fact the opposite was true!  The cat had  been demised since almost day one.

There is the story about the family heirloom vase that she left behind, also.  When I arrived vase-less in Pensacola, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I sold it to a little old Mexican lady during my yard sale for $1.00.  That lady really loved that vase.  I guess Athena Baxivanos loved it too, but who cares?  Not me.  I’d do it again to see that old woman’s wrinkled, toothless smile as I took her Washington and handed generations of memories away.

The way I look at it, Athena Baxivanos can just ask her roommate, the inimitable Dave Holland, to find her another one.  They good like dat!

Now, back to the whiskey and another blunt.

That is all. – Jim


Marathon good wishes…

Good Wishes to Victims

MCHY throws many *kisses and hugs and positive thoughts to those affected by the diabolical acts of April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon.  From the West Coast to the East Coast (and those off-landers HI and AK), we are all one nation and we all suffer when one suffers and when an 8-year old boy dies, a part of us dies along with him.

God Damn Ribbon, yo!


* - We would offer prayers but we cannot due to certain regulatory restrictions placed upon us by the Superior Court of the State of Washington.

That is all. – Jim


Finally got ‘er dun!

2012 Year in Review

I finally got the 2012 year in review up.  Well, there is not much to it, but take a peek at the video below.

Below is another funny video for cat lovers.

Don’t forget to help caption our cats! See the post below!

Always below, man!

That is all. – Jim

New kittehs to caption, fooz!


That is, if you are a forum member.  Used to be that was not the case (I know, MURDER was the case!) but the spammers felt so obliged to try to sell kitchen remodeling in Britain to us here we decided to make it members only, sorry :(

Here are some of the little monsters that will soon be gracing the site with YOUR captions (and mine, of course – I am not crazy – yes I am)

Sign up and get ready for the madness. Or else, YOU KNOW WHO will get you! That’s right, Keyser Soze!



You gotta go for The Shockers today against Loooahville.  Come on, you know it is awesome to have a team called the Shockers.

Go Wichita State!  I would say break a leg, but look what happened to Kevin Ware!  ** SNAP **


That is all – Jim


Mo’ Kitteh!


Yes, that was not English, but neither is this: kumret sagg now^hhet.

You ever hear the one about the Irishman that goes into the bar?

He orders 3 Guinness and drinks them down.  Does the same a few days in a row.  Finally the bartender asks him WTF?

“Oh, I am drinking for me two brothers in Ireland as well!”

This goes on for a few months and one day the Irishman orders only two Guinness.  The bartender sets ‘em up and then comes over later.

“My sincere condolences, old chap,” the bartender says, patting the man on the back.

“But why?”

“I see you are only drinking two beers, I guess one of your brothers has uh… passed.”

“Oh nothing of the sort,” the man replies.  “I just quit drinking!”

This aside only proves what we Irish already know: you can’t keep a good Mick down!


So, I finally got around to getting some new cats up.  It has been awhile I know, but I got waylaid with stuff.  So much to do, so little time.  You got ideas?  I got a meelion.  Here are some new cats!


I am STILL working on the two biggie contests for the site.  A little Google and some good old fashioned brainwork will help you win either a XBOX 360 or Windows 7 (or 8).  This will be done sooner than later.  Keep eyes peeled.  Like garlic.  Or apple.


And… happy 3102013 to all you palindrome fans!

Love you all.

- Jim